Living Room Trends: Part 1


The living room as we know it has changed drastically since I was growing up. The biggest change is that we actually use it! Personally I love having a space to go hang out with my family where a flat screen doesn’t exist, although I have designed several flat screens in living rooms for my clients. Today we are talking about the latest trends that I am incorporating into my living room designs from multi-million dollar homes to cozy cottages these concepts can apply.

aalive7Built-ins- I have never designed as many built-in bookcases in my career as I have this year. The custom, sleek look of built-in bookcases coupled with their functionality makes them a home-run for any room.

Lucite Love- Add a Lucite piece such as a table or bench in a living room to create a chic modern touch. Don’t be afraid if your taste is more traditional the Lucite piece will add an eclectic vibe. I would not recommend Lucite in a cottage setting, it will look out of place.

Pop of Color- You will hear me use this phrase often, just a simple addition of color is sometimes all you need. Some ways to achieve this are with pillows, window treatments, artwork, area rugs, accessories and frames. Here, a mint chair and velvet aqua pillows do the trick.



Oversize Mirrors- A large scale mirror in a living room can add depth and drama. When I have a challenging blank wall to contend with it is usually a fabulous oversize mirror that is the perfect remedy.


Accessories & Pillows- A well accessorized room is always warm and inviting. This image above shows several examples of how to accessorize, I am loving the drum coffee tables and bold patterned pillows. Stop by later in the week for a fabulous pillow giveaway from Caitlyn Wilson.


Ditch the Sofas- Yes, I said it, go ahead and think outside of the box especially if you have adjacent rooms with additional seating. The concept of chairs around the fireplace is cozy and aesthetically pleasing.

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  • Kate

    I love the idea of a living room without a flat screen where families can spend some quality time. Of course you’d have to hide all the kid’s electronics LOL

  • Cathy Wolfram

    There is always hope :)