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This season I am designing a couple of patio areas and one that will include a kitchen. This is so exciting because I just love designing kitchens and I have not had the opportunity to design an outdoor kitchen in a few years. Join me as I begin the design process with pertinent questions that I need answered before I begin designing.


The first question I ask my clients is, where are we putting the kitchen? Some options are under a covered patio or porch, on an open air patio or deck, in a pool house or in a structure adjacent to an outdoor entertaining area. The location impacts the decisions on finishes and products, and should be determined before purchases are made.


Above, covered patios are wonderful places to create outdoor kitchens because they offer shelter and keep the appliances and finishes looking better longer. I love the idea of creating a nook for the kitchen. Designer tip- proper ventilation is crucial, notice the ventilation above the grill.

The next question is, what will the kitchen consist of? It can be as simple as a  grill, sink and refrigerator to a fully equipped gourmet kitchen with high-end appliances. Tiling behind the grill is always a good idea if it is up against a wall or the house in this case. Built in dishwashers are also a nice function so the dirty dishes are not dragged through the house. Below, a custom structure is created to cover this fully equipped kitchen. The stone tiles are a larger scale enhancing the view of the pattern and organic feel..

Should there be a pergola above the outdoor kitchen? I am a huge fan and love how they bring instant character to the area that they occupy. Below, I would like to introduce you to my dream outdoor kitchen, there is even a brick oven. Aesthetically, I recommend sleek industrial quality appliances in stainless steel coupled with natural materials.


In a pool house or shed there are more design options you can include. For example, if you have a pool a washer and dryer is a welcomed addition with a ton of wet towels. Additional features like gliding glass doors and transoms add to the design aesthetic. However, I would need my shelves covered LOL.


Will there be a dining area close to the kitchen? I like to keep a comfortable distance between the kitchen and the dining table in case I am preparing food while my guests arrive. Below, in Greece actual cabinets are incorporated into the design and a mix of painted vintage chairs adds just the right amount of color. Then lighting design, a must for an outdoor kitchen so you can see what you are cooking at night. Well, that’s enough for me to get started designing and now I am ready for my meeting tomorrow. Thanks for joining me today, this was fun. Share your outdoor kitchens with us.


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  • Angela

    One of my “wants” is an outdoor kitchen someday! Love!!~~Angela

  • http://www.facebook.com/cathy.wolfram.1 Cathy Wolfram

    Me to Angela, I think that is why I am having so much fun designing this one :)