Creating Balance: Wood Finish Cabinets


One of the design dilemmas that consistently comes up is what finish should kitchen cabinets be, white or a wood finish. There are so many factors that can drive the decision; does the kitchen open up into another room, amount of natural light, style of the home, current trends, but the most significant factor is simply, what do you like best? Today our House Tour features a kitchen with a stained wood finish on the cabinets verses the ever popular painted white kitchens that I design so often. Designer Heather Garret brings a fresh perspective to the interiors she creates, from French Modern to Southern Traditional and this renovation demonstrates how a wood finish can seamlessly integrate into a home and still feel light and airy.


The kitchen is one of my favorite rooms to design.  It is a room that my clients spend a great deal of time in and enjoy the most after renovation. Take your time thinking about what is really important to you when creating it, design tips here. Another kitchen dilemma I am often asked,  is where to place the microwave? Typically I build it into the upper cabinets and use a standard, moderately priced microwave . Above, a built-in microwave drawer is a really nice option because it is not at your eye level, but it is a bit more pricey.




Keeping the walls and fabrics light in contrast to the darker wood floors and kitchen cabinets creates the perfect balance. One benefit to having wood cabinets is that you can switch up the color palette in other rooms. The dining room spins off with a different color palette that relates to the cabinetry as well, but takes it in a different direction combining brown, golds and terracotta.


The master bedroom suite is modern and chic combining classic design choices with a modern twist. The rich wood finish on the floors is used throughout the home which provides continuity and a nice flow from room to room; yes even wood in the bathroom.



The formal living room is as inviting as the family room, carrying through the same eclectic design choices of classic pieces mixed with modern chic statement pieces, love that. A wet bar was designed adding another level of function and customization to this beautiful room. I hope you have enjoyed the tour today and remember you can always send in your design dilemmas in our Just Ask category, I answer hundreds of questions weekly for readers and it’s free.



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  • Susan

    Great house tour, there is always something I see that I can use in my own home.

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