5 Ways to Add Curb Appeal


Over the years I have designed dozens of  facades for my clients homes and ’tis the season to add some curb appeal. Here are five ways to achieve your goals and get you started.       1. Add a Portico- If your home has a flat front adding a portico adds dimension and instant character. Above, a dramatic transformation of the facade with a wood finish portico, I just adore the scale here.


2. Add a Porch- I know, easier said than done. If you’er building a new home consider adding a porch on one side of the house like dream house above. You would be surprised how many existing homes I have added porches to and the results are always dramatic.


3. Add Bold Lighting- Changing your exterior fixtures can have a huge impact from the curb. The mistake so many of us make is in our choice of scale, we go to small. Above lanterns are the hot ticket this season even though they have been around for hundreds of years. Designer tip- A question that often comes up is if the fixtures need to match and the answer is no. The hanging fixture can have its own identity or it can be part of a collection if there are lights on the side of the door. I do recommend that the lights by the garage match what is on either side of the front door but again be aware of the scale. Most likely they will need to be larger by the garage. aacurb3

4. Add a Pergola- A pergola is a structure that you may see in gardens covering a patio or in garden entryways. In the past ten years architects have taken this concept and created dramatic facades over front doors and garages again adding dimension and character. The con for adding a pergola verses a portico is that it typically will cost less because it can take less labor and materials to build.


5. Add Shutters- Shutters add a pop of color and texture to your facade. Styles can range from board and batten to the classic louver and raised panels shown above, all lovely. Send us pictures of your facade in Just Ask and I will help you add instant curb appeal with fresh design ideas and tips.

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  • Susan

    Your blog always gives me inspirational ideas. I love the idea of changing my outdoor fixtures to add curb appeal.

    • http://adoreyourplace.com/ Cathy from Adore Your Place

      I’m so glad AYP is inspiring you! Visit again soon :)

  • http://twitter.com/joshursodesign joshursodesign

    Two thoughts: 1. Pergolas are the perfect mix of light and shadow. 2. Big lighting fixtures are the chandelier earrings of the interior design world – you can definitely get away with bigger than you probably think.

    • http://adoreyourplace.com/ Cathy from Adore Your Place

      Love hearing your perspective Josh :)

  • Angela

    Wonderful ideas, Cathy! Sharing on my FB page!!~~Angela

  • http://house-pretty.blogspot.com Amelia @ House Pretty

    I’m obsessed with porticos! I’m not sure that we will be in our house long enough to warrant adding one, but on my wish list for the next place for sure :)

    • http://adoreyourplace.com/ Cathy from Adore Your Place

      Hi Ameila, I would go for it I work with several Realtors getting homes ready to sell and a portico adds so much value, this way you get to enjoy it and when your ready to sell it will bring the buyers in right from the curb appeal. Thanks for visiting today!

  • Sarah Preston

    Hi Cathy,
    Just curious as to what would you suggest for a home where the entrance is on the side? We bought this project and are having a hard time deciding how to add dimension to the front. Thanks! :)

    • http://adoreyourplace.com/ Cathy from Adore Your Place

      Hi Sarah great to meet you, can you send your design question via cathy@adoreyourplace.com would love to help, list your goals as well I have ideas already.