Kitchen Island Lighting: Trend Alert


Every week I receive dozens of questions sent in from readers in Just Ask about kitchen lighting and this past week was no exception. The hot topic was trends for kitchen island lighting. Q. Can you tell me what the “in” thing is to put above my island and how many, thanks? Georgia


aalight5 Lantern Love- One of the hottest fixtures this season, taking the concept of the outdoor lantern and using it indoors. There are so many versions of the lantern from classic to modern and in a variety of finishes. I am working on a project where we have a challenging scale to find (low ceiling with a huge island) and found some nice options at Bellacor and Restoration Hardware.

Quantity - This is determined by the scale of your island and style of the fixture. I have been using two larger fixtures verses three or one central fixture shown left. The look is less fussy and slightly bolder.

Industrial Style- Below, sleek and simple industrial inspired fixtures work with a wide variety of design aesthetics. Achieve the look you are after by adjusting the scale and finish. I have used chrome, antique bronze and glass recently and they are all lovely.


Farmhouse- Below, two of my favorite versions of this light are found here and for more colorful versions at Barn Light. I have used these lights in cottages and lake houses and the look can range from farmhouse chic to classic vintage.


Glass Urns- Two large or three smaller scale, they come in classic to contemporary versions and in many finishes and glass types.

The best advice I can give is to see what the trends are and decide if you like where they are going. As your designer I can select the latest and greatest light fixture for above your island but at the end of the day you have to love your lighting, follow your instincts.


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  • Susan

    I’m crazy for candles, so the lantern lighting fixture really appeals to me.

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      I just put a lantern over my kitchen table and just love it :)

  • Angela

    Swoon!!! I love them all!!~~Angela