Kitchen Organization Made Easy

A question I often hear when designing kitchens is, “how do I get and stay organized”? I have to be honest,  to some of us it is innate to be organized, we crave it and function better knowing we are organized. Because I know this about myself, I feel compelled to help my clients with this daunting chore and wanted to share some of my favorite ways to get organized and stay that way starting with the kitchen.


Create a master plan for your kitchen when designing from scratch. What this means is, when laying out your cabinetry and deciding where your appliances will go also decide how you will organize each cabinet. Sounds daunting I know but once you get started it can actually be fun, a place for everything and everything in its place. If you are working with an existing kitchen envision each cabinet empty and then start designing the interior, if cabinets are few envision where open shelving or freestanding storage pieces could be placed. Don’t cringe open shelving that is well organized can be lovely.

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Glass jars are a decorative and functional way to store dry goods. Above, I just love these free printable labels that can be applied. Classic white plates and clear glass are popular right now and complement the colors of the food you are serving. I also really like the simple, clean lines of how they look stored on the shelves.

Cabinetry can be challenging to organize, start with your plates and glasses considering alternate locations for plates like drawers in the island (not just for pots LOL) and wall mounted plate racks. Dividers in a plate drawer are a must to keep the plates from sliding. In your cabinets take advantage of the height, use wire racks shown below to store smaller pieces and utilize the height of the shelf to the full extent.

In new kitchens, consider having your cabinets extend to the ceiling, store serving or seasonal items in harder to reach places. I like adding a smaller cabinet that extends to the ceiling for a decorative element if you have the ceiling height.


If you are lucky enough to have a pantry consider painting the back wall a fun color, it makes the variety of the contents look better. Your pantry can house whatever you desire from food to serving pieces and bulk supplies, think outside of the box. Combine rolling bins and shelves to make the most of the interior providing options for the contents. Designer tip- check out the custom closet isle at your favorite home improvement store, many of these items can be used in your pantry or if the budget allows call a closet designer. The magic they can work in your pantry and the cost may surprise. Make organizing fun and let us know how your organizational projects are going my friends.


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  • Susan

    I am also a nut for organization, it makes things so much easier when you can find what you need in a flash. I like the idea of painting the inside of the pantry a bright color. Thanks for the tip.

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      I feel the same way :) So glad you enjoyed the post.