Bathroom Renovation Tips

One of the first questions everyone asks me when they are planning to renovate their bathroom is; where do I begin? Defining the process, developing a plan of action and making selections will help get you on your way and relieve some of the stress.


Defining the Process- What will your renovation include? A full blown demolition of the existing bathroom, turning off and capping the plumbing, removal of faucets, fixtures, tiles, flooring, sheet-rock and vanities or a partial renovation where some of the existing features will stay in place or be re-used. Will you hire a general contractor or manage the project on your own? If you choose to manage the project you will need to hire a demo company, plumber, electrician, tiler and carpenter. Designer tip- interview and select all of these contractors prior to starting the job. You may also be skilled to take on some of the tasks of the renovation saving valuable labor costs, even if you hire a GC define what areas you are responsible for and what his responsibilities will be.

Design the Floorplan- Decide where each item in the bathroom will be located, think out of the box here you do not have to follow the old plan for the room.


Developing a Plan of Action- Also referred to as a project timeline. This will list the steps needed to complete the renovation and the approximate date that each of the steps will be finished. If you hire a GC I recommend requesting a timeline to keep the project on track and help meet everyone’s expectations. I also include what dates design decisions and selections will need to be made so I am not holding up the process. If you are managing the process on your own you absolutely need a “plan of action” because now you are managing several contractors that all impact each-other.


Making Selections- Start looking for inspiration pictures of bathrooms you love and find the design aesthetic you are looking to create. I like to begin by selecting the tile, flooring and wall selections. Then I select and purchase the fixtures; tub, faucets, valves, sinks, accessories (toilet paper holder etc.) lighting and vanity. Decide if the shower will have a pan at the base or will it be tile (I prefer tile). When making selections you may want to consider Mira Showers for quality and aesthetics. Ask each vendor if the items are in stock and what the lead time will be so you can inform the GC or your contractors directly.

Once all of these steps are complete the renovation can be scheduled. A typical bathroom renovation will take two to three weeks but I have seen it take as little as a week and on the flip side up to six weeks. If you are renovating your bathroom and have design questions I would love to help and do not charge for my time in Just Ask, ask away friends.

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  • Daniel Oliver

    Having renovated literally hundreds of bathrooms,, my top tip:
    Don’t get “over it” before you start.
    Keep your thoughts fairly generic until you have decided on layouts and somebody who can help make it happen.
    Then drill down in to detail, but try and keep everybody enthused!

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      Daniel thanks for sharing your experience, always great to hear from someone who has been there :)

  • Matt_BT

    I love your tips. Thanks! I agree that you have to think outside the box. We had a bathroom with no windows and we added a skylight. It was a great move.