Maximize Your Kitchen Storage


Our kitchen organization tips were so popular a few weeks ago that we had several readers ask for more. Weekends are such a great time to get organized so let’s get motivated together with some fresh ideas for your kitchen to help you discover its full potential.


When designing your kitchen you will find there may be small spaces left where creative thinking will come in handy. Here a sliding door houses hanging utensils. Other options for this space would be a sliding drawer for oils and vinegar, baking trays or cutting boards. Left, another functional design for space that is usually wasted is the interior of your hood, a perfect place to store oil, vinegar and frequently used spices.

Below, I just love the idea of storing flatware standing up with wooden dividers. Thinking outside of the box when designing your kitchen is the key to utilizing the space to its full potential. There are several ways to store pots from sliding drawers to cabinets with rolling shelves or racks that are shown here.


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Below, when there is limited space why not create a functional area for storage that looks aesthetically pleasing. I love the basket on the counter top for organizing kitchen necessities, it’s functional and pretty.


If you have areas for storage or a nearby closet, creating cubbies for appliances is a fun way to keep things at your finger-tips making meal preparation a breeze. Consider painting the shelves a vibrant color and labeling them to help stay organized.



There are so many opportunities to maximize function and storage when designing a kitchen and some of the ideas can be easily applied to existing kitchens. Below, if one side of your island faces the table or a seating area, consider housing the flat-screen and cook-books. Anything goes, it’s “your” kitchen go for it!


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  • Rosemary

    Thanks for the tips! One of my favorite and most useful organization ideas came from my contractor…when we redid our kitchen, he suggested that instead of another cupboard above the fridge, that we have dividers installed (behind the cupboard doors) to store my baking sheets, trays and cutting boards. Brilliant!

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      Love that idea Rosemary, thanks for sharing :)

  • Michelle Nahom

    I’ve been wanting to do something like this with my pots and pans!! Pinning this!

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      Same here Michelle, I ordered a unit to install wish me luck LOL

  • Susan

    Clever ideas, pots are always my problem.

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      Pots, we have and need so many I am always trying to find new ways to store them for my clients :)