Just Ask a Designer: Glass Cabinets

A design question that is consistently sent in from readers is one that I face often when designing kitchens; if I use glass cabinets is it a waste of valuable storage? Today I want to talk about the significance of glass cabinets in the kitchen and address some of the myths that surface when I “try” to incorporate glass into my clients kitchens.


Q. If I use glass cabinets in my kitchen where should I put them, what type of glass do you suggest using and what should I put in them? Anne


Location- When designing your kitchen glass cabinet placement should be part of the process just as the location of the pantry or wood cabinets will be. Where there is a run of solid cabinets you may want to break it up with some glass or in the example above play up the lightness of the window by extending the look with glass cabinets. You don’t always need to be symmetrical with their placement either, glass can go anywhere it makes sense to you.

Type of Glass- A personal favorite of mine is clear glass with some type of mullions (wood dividers) but the style of the kitchen and contents of the glass cabinets needs to be considered in the decision. Left, seeded glass slightly masks some of the contents and creates a design detail. There is also frosted glass which I love in modern kitchens where I need to hide the contents and leaded glass for a more traditional look.

Contents- We all have glasses, dishes, serving bowls, vases and a multitude of kitchenware that we have to house somewhere. Why not store them in a glass cabinet and give your kitchen a design aesthetic that feels custom and light. Glass cabinets also forces us to stay neat and organized because the contents are visible.


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  • Kate

    Our designer did convince us to add a few glass cabinets in our kitchen and I just love the way it breaks up all the wood and adds another dimension to the design.