Five Steps To Design Your Bathroom


Whether you are renovating an existing bathroom or building a new home there are certain tips for designing and renovating that I follow every time.

aayes3 1. The Process- What does the process of renovating a bathroom entail and what will it cost? The steps to renovation are; rent a dumpster, cap off the water sources, remove the fixtures, gut the bathroom down to the studs, install rough plumbing and electrical, install the proper sheetrock for the shower and walls, install tile, install the fixtures, install vanity and paint. A typical full bathroom cost ranges from $8,000 to $25,000. A DIY bathroom is about $3,000.00.

2. Contractor or DIY- The first choice is to hire someone or to “Do It Yourself”. If you are hiring someone I recommend having three contractors bid on the project, you also gain three different perspectives which can be helpful. DIY includes electrical and plumbing so you may want to hire an electrician and/or plumber for part of the project but there are still plenty of things you will be responsible for as you just read.

3. Time to Design- Layout the plan considering where the current plumbing is located if renovating. Keeping the plumbing close to where it is currently located will be kinder on your budget. Once you have decided where the fixtures and vanity will be its on to lighting design. I like a combination of recessed fixtures and decorative wall mounted fixtures. I also recommend deciding the fan location at this time which I prefer in a corner on the ceiling. When you select your tile create a tile plan; will the floor be straight or on an angle, will there be tile on the walls, what will the shower interior walls look like, will the shower floor be tile or a pan and is there any decorative tile? Don’t forget to add a shelf on the inside of the shower, recessed shelves are my favorite.


4. Selecting Materials & Fixtures- A fun step as a designer but one that can be frustrating if you have never done it. I recommend finding inspiration bathrooms to work from, I have dozens here. It will simplify the process and help narrow down your choices for; tile, counter-tops, vanities, toilet bowls/sinks/faucets, lighting and accessories

5. Project Management- Even if you have General Contractor overseeing his contractors you will still need to manage the process. This means making the selections, placing orders, following up on deliveries, scheduling, making sure the project stays on budget and that the scope of work is being carried out properly and in a timely manner.

A fresh new bathroom is such a treat and can feel like a vacation. I hope these steps help guide you through the process, here are even more tips and remember you can always email me.


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