Creating Coastal Curb Appeal


Curb appeal creates the first impression people receive before entering your home or when passing by. It is the opportunity to create a style or identity for your home that is all of its own, join me as I share some of my favorite ideas for creating “coastal” curb appeal.

Hang Decorative Shutters- I am a huge fan of wood shutters with nautical cut-outs, bam instant coastal curb appeal especially when painted in a tropical color.


Build A Breeze Way- Slightly easier in new construction but it can also be created if your existing garage is detached and a nice distance is left between it and the house.

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Add a Nautical Symbol, Sign or Door Knocker- Yes, it can be as simple as that and still have a big impact on the exterior.


Change Your Railing- By changing your existing spindles on your railing to a more decorative fretwork you are creating visual eye candy. Fretwork is beautiful when designed properly and inherently coastal feeling.


Style Your Stoop- Potted plants in fabulous ceramic containers that resemble the color of the ocean combined with rustic lighting and a rattan chair to create a warm coastal welcome. Here are even more ways to style your stoop for any style.


Hang a Hammock- A simple, budget friendly option to create an instant coastal entry. It doesn’t hurt that this exterior boasts palm-trees, a second floor balcony, a board-walk in front and fabulous wood shingles.


Paint A Tropical Color- Painting your house or a portion of the house in a tropical color will give the house instant coastal curb appeal. Looks fabulous when the neighbors decide to join in the fun don’t you think?

I hope these ideas inspire you to create some of your own coastal curb appeal, share your ideas with us, we would love to hear about your creations.


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  • Kate

    Love the shutter idea to change the look of a bungalow into a cottage.

  • Cathy from Adore Your Place

    Shutters are always a favorite of mine, they can instantly change the fell of the house