Seven Steps To A Tidy Home


My friends often ask how I keep my house so tidy working and having three children, especially with a toddler who loves to make messes in every room. The answer is simple, I follow the same steps every morning, transforming my house from disheveled to delightful. The trick is to be consistent and stay on top of it, this means never skipping a day. The good news is that it will come naturally after a few weeks and when it’s time for house cleaning it will be much easier because the house is already tidy. It also means that when guests drop in you can invite them into your home without having to apologize LOL.

Everything In Its Place- Every morning I walk through each room removing whatever does not belong there. I like to use a large basket that sits perfectly on my hip as I fill and then disperse to the proper location. In the case of my two older children I will deliver the goods to their rooms but they are responsible for putting them away.


Sort Piles- We all have stacks of mail, bills, medical forms, catalogs and pieces of paper that we have to attend to but maybe not that second. I suggest a shallow basket or bin to house one pile and sort through it so that the time sensitive pieces are closest to the top and toss what is not pertinent. Spend a few minutes each morning and attack, you will be surprised how much tidier the house will feel just by having your papers organized and in one place.

Fill Laundry Bins- I recommend laundry bins in each bedroom making clean up a breeze. For my teenage daughter this is a must because outfits can change several times in a day landing on the floor. Before she leaves she looks around and starts tossing into the laundry bin.


A Clean Kitchen- By no means is my kitchen sparkling everyday but the sink is always clear when I leave which means the dishes are done, the dishwasher is loaded, the surfaces are wiped down and I take the trash out if needed. I personally don’t have time in the morning to unload the dishwasher before I go to work, my husband lends a hand after dinner. For more tips on kitchen organization click here.


Make The Beds Everyday- My kids will ask, why bother if no one is coming over? My answer is, we are here to see it. The room looks so much nicer when the bed is made and automatically feels cleaner.

Dust, Sweep & Squirt- Have you heard the old saying, a lick and a promise? Well that totally applies here, as I walk through the rooms with my handy-dandy basket I take a quick look at the surfaces and floors. If I need to quickly dust a surface, sweep up a section of the floor or vacuum a room I come back once everything is in its place.

aayes1 Stay Focused- I could spend hours on each of these steps but I limit myself to 10 minutes maximum, my average is 45 minutes or less a day, a short amount of time for a tidy home. The hardest part is getting started but once you begin these steps become part of your routine and the benefits far out-way the effort it takes.




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  • Angela

    Great advice, Cathy!!! I’m a big stickler on beds having to be made every morning!! It just feels cleaner to me! Have a great day!!~~Angela

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      Thanks Angela, so many friends ask that I had to share :) Have a great week! XO Cathy

  • Kate

    You are so right, keeping up daily with controlling clutter is the key.

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      As soon as I miss a day it piles up LOL

  • Eleonorma Stakenburg Bennett

    nothing is more wonderful than coming home from work at the end of the day to a clean and tidy house, not to mention jumping in a well made bed for a well-deserved night’s rest! ;)

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      I feel the same way Eleonorma, nothing better after a long day at work.

  • Tracey Ayton-Edwards

    I love this post! So inspiring and the house is super cute, love the colours!

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      Aww thanks Tracey :)