Can I Put My Bed In Front Of the Windows?


Q. Can I put my bed in front of my windows in my bedroom even if you see it from outside? Elaine


A. The answer is absolutely, you need to space-plan the room the most effective way possible taking advantage of all locations the bed could be and not feeling constricted by the window location. I know this can be difficult to comprehend but trust me, you will enjoy your well designed room far more than the view from the street. Above, an iron bed is a nice choice because it allows the natural light to flow into the room and not be entirely blocked. Left, is an example for my clients/readers that just cannot grasp this concept, replace existing windows with a transom or windows that are less high so only a small portion of the window is blocked. I also love the idea of plantation shutters above the headboard adding to the design aesthetic of the room.


It also does not matter if your window is centered in the middle of the bed or the windows are separated. Adding interesting window treatments or creating a layered effect helps the location look purposeful, above woven shades and soft sheers are just lovely in this space.


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  • Jill @ The welcome Home

    I agree with you. I had to do this in a model apartment I decorated. The last person had put the bed on an angle from the corner to avoid the windows and it made the room feel tiny. Now it feels luxurious and big and still sunny. I dressed the windows with sheers and decorative side panels and the headboard is solid and upholstered. This is a departure from your approach but it still worked. I think what makes beds in front of windows work is how you address the window. Don’t ignore it. Be deliberate and think of it as a composition.

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      Hi Jill thanks so much for sharing your insight and experience so glad you agree :)

  • Lynnmarie

    I had to do the same thing in my bedroom…the only wall large enough for my bed and two arm chairs was the window wall. I also used semi-sheers combined with lined curtains behind my headboard. Although this darkened the room a bit that works well in my southern California area d/t the hot, bright afternoon sun (especially in the summer) and the fact that the window faces my TV…the window treatments prevent glare on the screen. This is a great place to watch a movie when the younger members of my family have commandeered the family room TV to watch video games.

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      Hi Lynnmarie I am so thrilled that you designed the room the most efficient way for your family to enjoy and even more happy that you shared your experience with us.
      XO Cathy

  • Kate

    Thanks for this tip. I’m about to move our bedroom around, positioning the bed in front of our large windows.

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      Go for it Kate :)