How To Select Dining Room Chairs


Dozens of questions come in each month about dining room chairs and how to select them so I decided it was time to share some of my favorite tips with our readers. The concept of the formal dining room has changed drastically over the years, even in multi-million dollar homes that I design my clients are looking to create dining rooms that are aesthetically interesting and inviting with a more relaxed feel.

atracery5 Think Outside of the Box– Try to abandon the stereo-type of what you think a dining room should look like and do not buy a “set” of furniture. The idea is to collect pieces that you love and combine them to create an atmosphere that reflects your personal style.

Choose a Style- The chair style should complement the overall look you are creatingAbove, a coastal inspired dining room incorporates natural cane back chairs with a bamboo white frame adding to the beachy feel. Left, chic and vintage design elements are combined with a window seat for an eclectic look.

Number of Seats- Consider how many people will be seated at the table on a daily basis and the maximum guests you anticipate when entertaining. This will help determine the scale of the chair you need to use and impact the selection.


Consider ComfortIs it important to be comfortable or just look good? You would be surprised how many people choose style over comfort. My vote is a combination of the two, chic and comfortable like these fabulous slip-covered chairs above.


Finish Selection- The finish or color of the dining chairs in particular is the most frequently asked question. I want to start out by saying there are no design rules to follow you can mix finishes, colors and materials to fit the design aesthetic you are creating. I like to create contrast so if my table is wood then a lighter color chair works well.


Mixing it Up- I am sure you have noticed that mixing chair styles and colors is popular. Here, a fabulous curved settee and rattan chairs are brought together at the dining table to create a feeling of casual elegance.

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  • Kate

    The arrangement of chairs with the settee, reminds me of Italy; where I’ve seen sofas in the kitchen.

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      Yes it feels like a touch of Europe for me as well, I love the eclectic mix created there of old and new.

  • Tracey Ayton-Edwards

    There seems to be a consistent theme here with a wooden table alongside beautiful chairs. Each are formal with a relaxed feel. Love.

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      Your decoding my style Tracey LOL

  • Sarah Tremblay

    Selecting dining room chairs to meet the interiors of your dining room or setting the interior of the dining room to go with the chairs you love is equally difficult job. You have done the same thing with wooden table.

  • stephanie

    can I get the name of the suppliers of some of these chairs? They are nice ones!