We’re Back!

Hello dear friends, Adore Your Place is back after a recent sabbatical. Major life changes and soul searching were in full swing this past year in addition to raising my kids and running my interior design business. I originally created this blog to inspire you to take risks when designing, share my design projects and give design advice but in this next chapter of my life I also hope to share; living a passionate life, defining happiness and finding your authentic self.

Neale Donald Walsh wrote, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”,  and I am living proof of that. My friends, each and every time I stepped out of my comfort zone my life jump-started. I could breathe easier, took more risks and began to discover happiness. I say “stepped out” because I often quietly stepped right back into my comfort zone but during the past two years that was not the option for me.

I had to begin the journey to find my authentic self out of my comfort zone. I’m here for you so stop in weekly to get inspired, send over your design dilemmas because I adore helping you solve them and lets define what happiness means to you on your journey designing and living.