Novice to Insanity: Wood Projects


On a job site this past week the builder announced that there was going to be left over materials that he and my client did not need if anyone was interested. My Friday Find is a pile of wood that I was thrilled to take off their hands, mainly 2 x 4′s and pieces of reclaimed lumber. My goal was to come up with four projects from novice to insanity and then figure out which one to tackle. Here is the round up, wow this is exciting…

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Photobooth Obsession


My daughter celebrated her Sweet Sixteen this past week and one of the highlights at the party was a photo-booth! Since has been a little girl she would go nuts when she spotted one on the boardwalk or at a restaurant in NYC. I surprised her with a vintage style booth (rented of course) at her birthday dinner with friends and they had a blast. Read more

Vintage Easter: Books & Bonnets


Here on the blog we have a category dedicated to all things vintage called the Friday Find and this week I found our Friday Find on Pinterest while searching for vintage Easter books. Some of my favorite memories of Easter are picking out my Easter bonnet with my Mom and reading my favorite books about bunnies and Easter. While pinning I stumbled upon my favorite Easter book, The Golden Egg Book, by Golden Book and a few others that brought back Easter memories. That is the beauty of Pinterest, you can quickly scan through hundreds of  images that link back to the perfect website to find what you are searching for. The article from KC Edventures gives suggestions for their top eight vintage books including my two favorites, perfect to get everyone in the spirit of the season. Read more

Reader Romance: Love Locks Revisited


Hello friends, several weeks ago I posted an article about a trend that is happening called Love Locks. Couples from all over the world are inscribing their names on padlocks and attaching them to bridges or various other hot spots, then they toss away the key as a symbol of their everlasting love. I am so excited because one of my readers was celebrating her 26 th wedding anniversary and was so inspired by the post that she decided to do it! Here is the story in her own words, I think you will really enjoy it; Read more

Ships AHOY


On the blog there is a category that you may not be familiar with called, the Friday Find. Once a week we hit the pavement in search of fab vintage finds, rummaging through garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores and even curb side treasures. We have a passion for vintage and collecting, loving the character the pieces bring to our design projects. The weather in New Jersey has been cold, windy and snowy so the rummaging has been a bit slow. I am also super busy planning Spring construction projects for my clients but this week I made it out, finding a piece from a nautical Depression Glass pattern that my parents collect. Read more

For the Love of Vintage


When I was a little girl my Mom would give me a sweet little figurine for Valentines Day and St. Patrick’s Day. These little treasures were made by Lefton China and were inexpensive items to collect, several of my friends had them growing up as well. Above, this fab vintage collection from Old Glory Cottage is the epidemy of vintage Valentines Day from vintage handkerchiefs to decorated heart candy boxes and the figurines I loved collecting . Read more

Sailors’ Valentines


My daughter Cathy, creator of Adore Your Place and my son Art recently sent my husband and I on a trip to Sanibel Island, Florida to celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary. There we truly experienced the magic of shells ( history of shelling) and spent hours and hours on the beautiful beaches of Sanibel shelling. I know what you are thinking, what is so great about finding some nice shells but anyone who has been to Sanibel understands the overwhelming magnitude and variety of shells that this island has to offer. I learned about shellcraft at Sanibels Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum on Sanibel Island where the displays are incredible., specifically these romantic Valentines, Sailors Valentines.

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I Heart Vintage Valentines


Since I was a little girl I just love Valentines! I would anxiously await going to the store to pick out a box and I would make homemade Valentines for my family. It is no surprise then that I collect them today and adore decorating with them this time of year. I find myself in antique stores searching for things I need for my clients almost weekly (definitely a perk of the job) and this week several shops had vintage valentines displayed. How could I resist adding a few more to my collection (ranging from $1.50-$15.00), the perfect Friday Find. Above, I tossed some of my collection on my dining table and took a shot to help you get the idea LOL. Read more

Serious “It” Factor: MackeyBlue, Hoboken

Hoboken AYP interview 015

I know I have said it before but one of the best things about being an Interior Designer is that I get to constantly go shopping for my clients. For me space-planning, color scheme development, furniture and fabric selections are all easy. Finding that perfect piece (the wow factor) to build a design around or accessorizing a room with vintage treasures, not so easy. I love combining my clients family heirlooms with vintage pieces that have history and character. You can’t rush this process, you can’t run out and buy history and character off the shelf, you have to search for it and recognize it. Enter in, Karen Marsh of MackeyBlue located in the heart of Hoboken, NJ. A Friday Find that is a designers dream. Read more

Sharing Some Jadite Green Love


Happy weekend friends, it’s Vintage Mama here. For those of you who are just getting to know AYP I wanted to introduce myself. This is my daughters blog and I am so excited to put my passion for picking and seeking out fabulous vintage finds to use. After a career as a controller for an advertising agency contributing to the Friday Finds has been a blast. At an estate sale yesterday I couldn’t believe my eyes when I entered one of the rooms and found a huge lot of kitchenware called Jad-ite (I snapped this picture below immediately). Being one of the first people in, I ran to negotiate with the owner to buy it all. Read more