Wrap It Up

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My obsession with Estate Sales has its advantages this time of year. I am on the hunt weekly helping my daughter Cathy find what she needs for her clients but in addition I cannot pass up a bargain. One of my favorite bargains to collect throughout the year is ribbon and wrapping supplies. We are all feeling the pressure this weekend to get our gifts wrapped and ready to give. I am so thankful that I collect these interesting supplies all year-long, you should try it. Read more

Passion for Pins


Reading the title of this post some might think I am referring to Pinterest. If you are not familiar with Pinterest, it is a virtual pinboard. You can collect images of things you love to help decorate your home or plan your wedding for example. The best way to describe it is to have you look at our pins here and yes I am passionate about pinning, like so many of our readers. Having said all of that, this post is about “actual pins” that you can wear, vintage Christmas pins that I have been collecting with my daughter’s Cathy and Lena for years.

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“Old School” Style


This is the time of year I go estate sale crazy, the weather turns cold and the garage sales are on hold until the Spring. Estate sales are so much fun and even when run by a professional company, don’t shy away. You may pay a slight mark up from the company running it but you will still discover one of a kind vintage treasures. Yesterday I found an “old school” children’s desk that I planned to use for a clients playroom, isn’t it sweet with a bunny stencil and all. Read more

Vintage Ornament Obsession


This weeks Friday Find is one of my favorite things to decorate with this time of year, vintage glass ornaments!

I had been searching for an ornament that was on my husbands tree growing up with shamrocks on it. My son broke it a few years ago and I thought it would be a nice surprise for my hubby to have it on the tree Christmas morning. This time of year I really enjoy holiday bazaars. After having lunch with friends Friday I stumbled upon one of those magical signs, “Holiday Bazaar Today”, in I flew. Read more

Vintage Letter Love


Since we are stuck inside due to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy this week our Friday Find was found on Ebay and what a find it is! When looking for a large vintage sign to use as a room divider for a client in their NYC loft I came across this Cole Muffler sign. How could I resist, I adore using letters for wall art and my son’s name is Cole. Not the perfect fit for my client who is planning to use a vintage sign to divide her living space from her bedroom but I had another idea. We have been searching for some vintage wall art for my son Cole’s room that would work with his collection of vintage license plates for quite some time now and this neon sign found on Ebay looks like a contender. I didn’t know much about neon signs so I decided to do some research, here is the History of Neon if you are interested.

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It Was a Dark and Stormy Night…


All of Snoopy’s stories started with those words typed on his little typewriter (it also seemed apropos since we are about to get pounded by hurricane Sandy). The modern typewriter was invented around 1860 and came into its own at the turn of the century. It became the most common piece of office equipment prior to computers growing until it was supplanted by word processors in the 1980s. When I see a typewriter I can imagine a young secretary taking dictation and typing with carbon paper. Maybe it’s the romantic image of the writer sitting alone with a typewriter and a pack of Chesterfields, pounding out the next great novel or the war reporter running with a portable typewriter under his arm. Read more

A Coke & A Smile


Today’s Friday find is a 1952 Vendo 110 Coca Cola vending machine. This post is actually a tale about two vintage Coca Cola machines.

I’m sure everyone reading this has had a case of buyer’s remorse at one time or another. This was a case of buyer’s folly. A few weeks ago I posted picks of the pinball machine that is in the kids game room. We thought the room could use a vintage vending machine as well. For us, the first machines that came to mind were the iconic 50’s round top Coke machines. Now, if you’ve ever looked at prices for professionally restored examples you would know that these are well into four figure territory (typically $3k – $6k depending on the model). This was well beyond our budget. Read more

Vital Organs:Vintage Reed Organs

ffwow (566x800)
Its hard to believe but less than 100 years ago the primary source of entertainment in the average home was provided by the people living there. Mr. Edison’s talking machine was just starting to take off and early movies were screened in Vaudeville theaters. If you wanted to hear music at home, you needed to play it yourself. Pianos were the top rung in home entertainment at the time but these were out of reach for most people. Reed Organs became a popular alternative. Cheaper and lighter than a piano, reed organs reached their peak in the late 1800s.

Weighing Baby:Vintage Hanson

baby scale3

I absolutely love garage sales this time of year; the air is crisp and cool and the merchandise just seems more appealing with the array of colored leaves on the ground. This week’s Friday Find stems from the article I am writing on Baby Nursery Design and a nursery I am designing for a client. Baby stuff is on my mind I guess. I was searching for vintage baby items for my clients baby nursery to combine with a modern crib and retro chair. It was not in my plan to stop at this garage sale Friday,early morning, but the huge handwritten sign read, “Vintage Baby Items”. How could I not stop? Read more

Smile For The Camera

vintage cameras1

This Friday find is something you probably have somewhere in your house, an old camera. I love how these vintage cameras can create a focal point particularly when used near photos. They can draw your eye to any corner that you place them in. My wife loves photography and vintage cameras so, whenever I found an old camera, I would bring it right home. The pictures here illustrate that I may have taken this to far.

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