Pin Ball Wizard:Vintage Pinball


So you’re looking for that one thing. One large item to set off your room. Something that your friends will be talking about. How about something you and your friends can actually play. Something your whole family can play, Pinball. I’m talking about vintage electro-mechanical (EM) machines. The kind where the physical numbers spin to show your score with bells and mechanical sounds. The first wood rail pinball machines were made in the 1930’s. These early machines were often used for gambling and didn’t have flippers. While I admire these early machines, I’ve never had a desire to own one because for me, the beauty of the flipper machines is the game play. This weeks Friday Find is a real gem, it is a 1976 Target Alpha machine by Gottlieb.

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Blueberry Bliss:Stangl Pottery

Stangl Factory

It all started fifteen years ago at a small auction house where I picked up a box of tea cups for ten dollars. I was drawn to the bold yellow border and hand painted blueberries. Each tea cup was individually signed and stamped by the maker, Stangl Pottery. Blueberry is a cheerful pattern that features a twig of naturally colored blueberries and leaves surrounded by a very wide bright yellow border. I had a feeling this find was going to be a keeper. Today, my collection has grown to over 150 pieces and is a work in progress. Read more

Architectural Statement:Window From India

2012-08-26 01.11.14

This weeks Friday Find is a real gem. I searched for quite awhile looking for a bold architectural piece for above the mantel of my fireplace and had just about given up when I found it. I was going to see my nephew perform in the NYC Fringe Festival and came across a little shop with vintage imports from India. This is an exquisite window from India, handcrafted with intricately carved details.

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Lunch Box Love

lunch box

Just in time for back to school, our Friday Find this week is my childhood lunch box, Holly Hobbie. I bet if you take a minute to think about it you can remember that favorite style lunchbox that you had to have. For me it was one of my best back to school purchases, my super cool lunchbox. The lunchbox can be traced back to 1935 when Geuder, Paeschke & Frey produced the first licensed character lunchbox with Mickey Mouse on it. Interested in the history of the metal lunch box read more. So how can this iconic piece of metal work into your room design? Read more

Born In The USA: Roseville Pottery


Have you ever been exposed to Roseville Pottery before? If the answer is no than you are in for a real treat. The patterns and glazes are exquisite while appealing to a wide market because of the diversity in style. The Roseville Pottery Company was founded in Roseville, Ohio in 1890 and it produced hand painted pottery until 1954.

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