Valentines Day Has An Official Blog: A BLOG ABOUT LOVE


I started blogging about interior design on a mission to help my readers solve their design dilemmas because it is my passion. In my busy life when I sit down to read my favorite blogs I want to learn something, I want to feel passion and honesty from the author. I read several blogs relating to interior design because I adore design but I also read blogs that can improve my well being and help me lead a passionate life, you get the idea. This year I will be married twenty years; I have three children ranging from four to sixteen, I am a professional interior designer and have been this entire time and recently launched a design blog (my dream). There is not a minute available to work on my marriage or be in love and it is seriously sad. My friends that have been married as long as I have and longer are experiencing the same feeling, where is the love? Almost as if we are different paths, we care deeply for our spouses and love them but we have no time to be in Love. Read more

Merry Christmas To All


Its Christmas Day! We are just back from midnight mass after celebrating at our home with family. My kids are tucked in their beds, I just finished wrapping their gifts and I wanted to wish you and your family a joyous Christmas before I head to bed. I saw this quote earlier in the week and had to share it. I adore Christmas morning; the kids faces as they open their treasures and the feeling of absolute bliss they share. Merry Christmas my friends & thank you for finding Adore Your Place! Read more

Wrap It Up

ribbon fri. find and Jake 018

My obsession with Estate Sales has its advantages this time of year. I am on the hunt weekly helping my daughter Cathy find what she needs for her clients but in addition I cannot pass up a bargain. One of my favorite bargains to collect throughout the year is ribbon and wrapping supplies. We are all feeling the pressure this weekend to get our gifts wrapped and ready to give. I am so thankful that I collect these interesting supplies all year-long, you should try it. Read more

The Perfect Table: Christmas


This is such a busy week for so many of us getting ready for the holiday; my kids are already buzzing with excitement, last minute gifts still to buy and helping to inspire my clients table-scapes. For several people this was determined when their holiday decor went up but for others they like to get inspired closer to the holiday.

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Passion for Pins


Reading the title of this post some might think I am referring to Pinterest. If you are not familiar with Pinterest, it is a virtual pinboard. You can collect images of things you love to help decorate your home or plan your wedding for example. The best way to describe it is to have you look at our pins here and yes I am passionate about pinning, like so many of our readers. Having said all of that, this post is about “actual pins” that you can wear, vintage Christmas pins that I have been collecting with my daughter’s Cathy and Lena for years.

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Merry Mantels


Wow, the month is flying by for me. I am finishing up holiday decorations for my clients this week and working on mantels in particular. The mantel tends to become a focal point in the room and during the holidays it draws you right in with a warm cozy fire or the shimmer of candles. If the Christmas tree is in the room they need to complement each-other in some way. A soft palette, fresh airy greens, topiary trees, hanging stars and a collection of frames and statues complete the look. Read more

These are a Few of My Favorite Things


Christmas is one of my absolute favorite times of the year. During this crazy busy season I always try to remember my favorite things; memories and traditions from my childhood combined with the new experiences my family shares. Take time this season to enjoy some of your favorite things or try some of our favorites. Horse Drawn Carriage Rides in New York City. We like to pick up the carriage near Central Park so we can skate first at Wollman Skating Rink. If skating isn’t your thing take a free guided tour through Central Park, this is a great find. Read more

Vintage Ornament Obsession


This weeks Friday Find is one of my favorite things to decorate with this time of year, vintage glass ornaments!

I had been searching for an ornament that was on my husbands tree growing up with shamrocks on it. My son broke it a few years ago and I thought it would be a nice surprise for my hubby to have it on the tree Christmas morning. This time of year I really enjoy holiday bazaars. After having lunch with friends Friday I stumbled upon one of those magical signs, “Holiday Bazaar Today”, in I flew. Read more

Home Sweet Christmas


The house is finally quiet after an evening filled with trimming the tree and unpacking the twenty something boxes of holiday decorations I insist on bringing out each year. I absolutely love Christmas and the traditions we keep, and look forward to sharing our collections and decorations with you in a few days once they are all up. Decorating for several different clients at Christmas I have the opportunity to bring many different visions of Christmas to life, for today a sweet simple side of Christmas. Vintage skates on a fresh spruce wreath sets the mood for welcomed guests. Read more

Holiday Curb Appeal


While most people were out shopping or at family gatherings this weekend,  my crew was out starting the holiday decorations that I had planned months ago for my clients. In addition to my regular projects I decorate approximately eight houses a year for Christmas and it’s so much fun. My son’s birthday is this weekend so I will start my own house Monday (with no crew LOL) and outside is where I like to begin. Read more