San Francisco Style: California


House Tour is one of my favorite categories on my blog because it allows me to take a break from designing and tour a beautiful home with you. Like a mini vacation for an interior designer, which is probably why I can’t get enough of House Hunters International. Today, it is the home of designer Catherine Kwong featured in CA Home & Design; a chic 1,300-square-foot space in San Francisco’s Jackson Square. This is such a hip neighborhood encompassing only five blocks but boasting twenty-five furniture and decorative art galleries. A design lovers dream neighborhood. Also spot the fabulous architectural elements and details when stopping in for a visit, like this building above. Read more

Loft Love:Madrid


I am designing an apartment in New York City currently where my clients are asking for a warm contemporary feel. This presents an interesting challenge because contemporary design is often viewed as cold. I found this loft in Madrid and thought it was prefect for this weeks House Tour. The style represents the clean lines of classic contemporary design coupled with various textures and color to bring in warmth. Read more

County Clare Castle Tour:Ireland


A few weeks ago I shared a trend that is happening where girls are opting for a trip abroad Mother/Daughter style in lieu of a sweet sixteen party. After weeks and weeks of contemplation my daughter has made her decision and she chose, Ireland! Inspired by the hip Irish bands she loves and the lush green countryside she was introduced to in a movie called P.S. I Love You (a sweet love story) her decision was made easy. It should not come as a surprise that I am taking you to Ireland on our House Tour this week.

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Tiny House Living


Meet Jay Shafer, he is the founder of Tumbleweed, Tiny House Company. In 1997 he downsized to an 89 square foot house and never went back (to a regular size home). He changed his lifestyle and started on a career path that he was passionate about. Jay’s decision stemmed from his concerns about the environment and the impact a larger house would have on it. Read more

Parisian Pad:Paris


This year a few of my friends have decided to ditch the sweet sixteen party for their daughters and invest that money in a trip to Paris, Mother-Daughter style. I think this idea is ingenious and will be a treasured memory. Inspired by their experience, I decided I needed to get my Paris fix and take us on a tour of a historic retreat, tucked away behind imposing wooden doors on the famous Place des Vosges

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Central Park Views:NYC


I love Manhattan this time of year; the leaves are changing color in Central Park (one of my favorite places in the world), there are festivals, street markets, the village Halloween Parade, the NYC Marathon, and more. This weeks house tour is a luxurious city apartment where all but one room faces Central Park, I am in heaven. As a professional interior designer it is rare that I stumble on a space like this, one where I fall in love with the interior design and architecture. I fell at first glance and couldn’t wait to share this tour with you. Architect Adam Rolston was faced with the challenge to preserve the prewar heritage of the building while creating a modern space for his clients. He nailed it! This space is exquisite and luxurious with classic influences and modern details.

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Escape To Italy: Basilicata


Now that summer is over and the kids are settling into their school schedules, I am ready for a “real” vacation. We have a friend who recently moved to the states from Italy. His passion for his country is simply contagious. Then again, who doesn’t have Italy on their bucket list, smile smile? Read more

Cottage Compound Defined: Comporta, Portugal


In the Portuguese Alentejo region, charm and privacy make this weeks House Tour a most desirable destination. The designer used natural and re-cycled materials wherever possible, using bamboo, straw, re-claimed wood, old baskets and old furniture. The result is a relaxed oasis where lush green trees and sand meet the sea.

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Home Sweet Airstream


Today the open road takes us on a house tour that I know you have all been dying to get inside of, the vintage Airstream. I would be the first in line to see a collection of these iconic vehicles, so lets roll.

Airstream trailers are easily recognized for their distinctive rounded aluminum bodies, which originated in the 1930s from designs created by Hawley Bowlus read more.

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