Six Ideas for Coastal Bedrooms


As some of you know we are in the process of renovating our family beach bungalow after Hurricane Sandy and making good progress, can’t wait to share. For today I am designing the bedrooms and needed some fresh ideas to get started, let’s get inspired.

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Master Bedroom Trends: Part II


Designing dozens of master bedrooms for my clients, I have to stay ahead of the latest trends and I just love it. This week is my best friend Elaine’s Birthday and she has been wanting to re-do her bedroom for years. I started this series a few weeks ago with Master Bedroom Trends: Part I to help inspire her to get moving. She has fabulous taste like so many of my clients but just needs some motivation. That is where I happily come in. Read more

Master Bedroom Trends: Part I


I receive dozens of questions a week through my Just Ask category about master bedrooms asking about the current trends and ideas for incorporating them into the design. Today I want to share some designer tips that you can apply to any style room and some of the latest trends.

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A Peaceful Retreat: Master Bedroom

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Q. I have wanted to re-do my master bedroom for the past five years and I am finally getting the chance! I want a peaceful and soft color scheme but my husband doesn’t want the room to look dull. How can I create a calm & soft look that is not dull and boring so my husband is happy to. Elaine D.

A. I am so excited that you have the opportunity to create the master bedroom of your dreams! A peaceful color scheme in pastel hues when combined with dramatic choices of furniture and beautiful lighting/accessories will make you both happy. Start by selecting your Wow Factor, the element that you can build the design around. Read more

Organic Bedding with Pizzazz


Q. I need ideas for organic bedding that is not a boring solid, any suggestion? 

A. The good news is there are several options available. Amy Butler is one of my favorites shown here. This is a fun 100% organic pattern and I love the pop of aqua. A solid shag rug would be so much better just saying… West Elm also had some really nice options and were slightly less busy in pattern.

Your Teenage Designer

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Q: My teenager wants to design her own room, do you think that is a good idea?

A: Yes, I do think it is a good idea within reason. You will need to oversee the process and guide her through it. First, you need to establish a budget so she understands what the limits are and then determine what the big ticket items will be. I like to start by selecting the furniture and space planning the room. Many of my clients cannot visualize the scale of the actual pieces so I use blue painters tape and tape each piece out on the floor. Then select your furniture taking into consideration any pieces you maybe able to re-purpose or re-paint. For the new pieces take a look at Young America by Stanley, PB Teen and West Elm for some great options. Hit the thrift stores as well, you will be amazed at what you will find. If you are close to NYC I love NYC Housing Works Thrift on West 17th (West Elm is on the same block also, score!). Then fill in with pieces from Target or Home Goods to fit the budget.

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