5 Ways to Add Curb Appeal


Over the years I have designed dozens of  facades for my clients homes and ’tis the season to add some curb appeal. Here are five ways to achieve your goals and get you started.       1. Add a Portico- If your home has a flat front adding a portico adds dimension and instant character. Above, a dramatic transformation of the facade with a wood finish portico, I just adore the scale here. Read more

Swooning for Staircases


Wednesdays are the day I take to answer reader design dilemmas and I have to say it is such a fun day. I just love the combination of working with my design clients and then helping hundreds of readers weekly in Just Ask, so send your questions in friends. Today we are talking about entryways, staircases and railings.

Q. We are building a new home and I “think” I want an interesting railing but my husband wants basic spindles, help! We both agree on white wood spindles with a stained wood hand rail. Roxanne Read more

What’s in a Door Color?


Front Door Fabulous


Spring is on the way and it is the perfect time of year to start planning for your exterior projects, especially if permits are involved with your township. Curb appeal is always at the top of my clients lists and changing or re-painting the front door can make a huge difference in the overall look of the facade. Let’s start out with selecting a style door; above is a standard wooden, six panel door painted in a fabulous shade of turquoise, the perfect compliment to the copper awning. Read more

The Purposeful Staircase


It is so much fun answering your design questions in Just Ask and it is especially fun when several people ask a question about the same topic. This week I received five questions all about staircases and how to utilize the space underneath. Is it safe to do, tacky to do, ugly to do, pretty to do and a good idea to do? I picked the question that basically covers all of the design options regarding this topic (they also complimented me, hehehe) and I hope this provides the inspiration needed to make dead space into functional space.

Q. We are building a new home and are pretty much set with the plans except for the entrance foyer. The home is not huge so I want every bit of space to be functional and fabulous. That is where you come in; I am crazy for your blog and I know you will give me some good ideas of what I can do under the staircase. Read more