Chic in the Kitchen


Daily Buzz Style is an online publication for the latest fashion and style inspiration from the best blogs on the web. This week I had the honor of being included in their Top 9 Blogs for the topic “Chic in the Kitchen” alongside one of my all time favorite blogs, Design Sponge. So excited and hope you will stop by to learn all about creating a chic kitchen, read more here. Read more

6 Tips When Selecting Your Kitchen Cabinet Color


The first question people ask me when they are designing or renovating their kitchen is, what color cabinet should I select? Sounds like an easy question but actually there are several factors that need to be addressed so let’s jump right in my friends.

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Just Ask a Designer: Glass Cabinets


A design question that is consistently sent in from readers is one that I face often when designing kitchens; if I use glass cabinets is it a waste of valuable storage? Today I want to talk about the significance of glass cabinets in the kitchen and address some of the myths that surface when I “try” to incorporate glass into my clients kitchens.

Q. If I use glass cabinets in my kitchen where should I put them, what type of glass do you suggest using and what should I put in them? Anne Read more

Maximize Your Kitchen Storage


Our kitchen organization tips were so popular a few weeks ago that we had several readers ask for more. Weekends are such a great time to get organized so let’s get motivated together with some fresh ideas for your kitchen to help you discover its full potential. Read more

Kitchen Organization Made Easy


A question I often hear when designing kitchens is, “how do I get and stay organized”? I have to be honest,  to some of us it is innate to be organized, we crave it and function better knowing we are organized. Because I know this about myself, I feel compelled to help my clients with this daunting chore and wanted to share some of my favorite ways to get organized and stay that way starting with the kitchen.

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Outdoor Kitchen LOVE


This season I am designing a couple of patio areas and one that will include a kitchen. This is so exciting because I just love designing kitchens and I have not had the opportunity to design an outdoor kitchen in a few years. Join me as I begin the design process with pertinent questions that I need answered before I begin designing.

The first question I ask my clients is, where are we putting the kitchen? Some options are under a covered patio or porch, on an open air patio or deck, in a pool house or in a structure adjacent to an outdoor entertaining area. The location impacts the decisions on finishes and products, and should be determined before purchases are made. Read more

Guest Blogging: Kitchen Design


I have the honor of Guest Blogging today over at one of my all time favorite blogs, House of Turquoise! Join me as we explore the many ways to incorporate a Pop of Color into your kitchen. Whether you are starting from scratch or refreshing your existing kitchen you won’t want to miss 7 of my favorite “client tested” tips, read more here. Read more

Creating a Kitchen: Top 10 Design Questions


Designing kitchens and selecting the finishes for my clients is one of my favorite tasks as an Interior Designer. From the eat in kitchen to the galley my clients have similar topics that arise and today I am sharing the top 10 questions/answers from the design process. Read more

Interesting Island Options


This week the majority of questions that came in from Asia to the U.S. were about designing kitchens, there must be something in the air LOL. If you don’t already know we have an exciting category called Just Ask where you can send in your design dilemmas and project questions for real answers from a professional, me. It is truly my passion to help give you the tools and advice to design and complete your projects, so ask away.

Q.  I am re-doing my kitchen and I am not a fan of heavy looking, boxy islands. Can you suggest alternate ideas for an interesting island? Haylee Read more

Small Space, Big Style: Kitchen Design


Designing dozens of kitchens in my career I can tell you that the small ones are almost always  more challenging to design. With less square footage I have to be extremely creative and my clients have to really prioritize what is most important to them. You will need to make compromises but one thing is for sure, you never have to compromise on style. Here are some tips I have collected through the years when designing kitchens. I find that if we follow one or two combined with your wish list, the end result is pretty spectacular. Read more