Best Glazing Tips for Cabinets & Furniture

Glazing is the process of adding a stain or antiquing over the top of your paint. The process adds a layer of design detail accentuating the furniture or cabinet details where the glaze will catch. The glaze can be applied lightly as shown above or heavy for a more vintage feel. Here are my favorite tips when glazing; Read more

How To Use Chalk Paint Like A Pro


In my Just Ask category I receive dozens of questions about painting furniture and I love sharing ideas and tips that have been passed down in my family. Recently the questions pertain to chalk paint so I wanted to share how I like to use it and exactly what it is for my readers that are just learning about it. Read more

How to Distress Furniture like a Pro


After years of trial and lots of error I recently published an article tilted, “How to Paint Furniture like a Pro” and the response from readers was huge. One of my favorite things about blogging is that I can share the many lessons I have learned working as an interior designer with everyone and these are techniques that I have fine tuned over the past twenty years. Several readers wanted to know if I had tips for distressing furniture and the answer is absolutely, slightly more technique involved but doable for sure.

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Novice to Insanity: Wood Projects


On a job site this past week the builder announced that there was going to be left over materials that he and my client did not need if anyone was interested. My Friday Find is a pile of wood that I was thrilled to take off their hands, mainly 2 x 4′s and pieces of reclaimed lumber. My goal was to come up with four projects from novice to insanity and then figure out which one to tackle. Here is the round up, wow this is exciting…

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How to Paint Furniture like a Pro


I just love when I find old pieces of furniture at an estate sale or one that is handed down to me that I can breath new life into. When I am working on client projects and I access their existing furniture I often recommend painting pieces or even kitchen cabinets. Think outside of the box when evaluating old furniture for possible re-use; below an old dresser gets an easy makeover by removing the bottom drawer, a coat of paint and adding a basket. Over the years I have tried re-finishing, distressing and painting furniture and I have learned what my limitations are. By far, I have had the best results with painting and wanted to share the steps I use when transforming a piece.

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Red, White & Blue Style


Happy Memorial Day friends, today I am sharing some red, white and blue inspiration with you. Red is vibrant and energetic, blue can be soothing or bold depending on the shade and white is peaceful and crisp. Combined the result is crisp, clean and fabulous. Read more

Top 7 Questions When Designing A Pool


A few years ago I decided my family needed a pool. Working from home, summers were becoming increasingly difficult as my kids got older and I needed an activity where they could just walk outside and have fun without leaving; building a pool was the answer. If you have ever put in a pool then you know what a stressful, exhausting and costly endeavor it can be, you can read all about our adventure in pool building here. I would still do it again in a flash, our pool is one of my favorite family gathering places where we have shared everything from lazy summer days to 70th Birthday celebrations.

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Eight Ways to Style Your Stoop


Let’s face it, many of us would love to have that fabulous front porch or grand staircase to dress up this time of year with beautiful flowers and potted plants but it isn’t always the case. Styling your stoop can be as simple as changing your front door color and adding some potted plants or as elaborate as changing your lighting fixtures and sprucing up stone work. I’ve received so many requests this week for ways to style a stoop and I am happy to share ways to enhance curb appeal creating a warm welcome for your guests. Read more

Miniature Golf Anyone?


The beautiful weather we are having is bringing my little man out constantly, he just loves it. This week at his Nana and Pop Pop’s they decided to make a mini-golf course, a simple and inexpensive DIY project for your budding golf champion. Jake enjoyed making the flags just as much as playing with his Pop Pop. Give it a try! Read more

Designing Your Outdoor Oasis


The great outdoors, this is the perfect time of year to spruce up or create a setting that you can enjoy throughout the year. When creating an outdoor oasis here are a few steps to consider that may help drive your design decisions. Read more