Tennis Anyone?


Here I am in 1976, my Mom introduced me to tennis and I played from age seven through college. One of my New Years Resolutions this year is to get back on the court. Tennis got pushed aside when building my career and family but I am back in the game today sharing some fun ways to incorporate a little vintage tennis into your decor. Pull out those vintage tennis racquets from the attic, basement or garage and blow the dust off. Read more

Wrap It Up

ribbon fri. find and Jake 018

My obsession with Estate Sales has its advantages this time of year. I am on the hunt weekly helping my daughter Cathy find what she needs for her clients but in addition I cannot pass up a bargain. One of my favorite bargains to collect throughout the year is ribbon and wrapping supplies. We are all feeling the pressure this weekend to get our gifts wrapped and ready to give. I am so thankful that I collect these interesting supplies all year-long, you should try it. Read more

Folding Chair Makeover


Getting ready for the holidays this weekend I pulled out our old, metal, folding chairs and wondered how could I make them look hipper or at least more presentable. I decided that my obsession with spray paint would definitely come in handy. A fresh color and coat would do the trick but some of my chairs had padding, now what? I began the search and found this fabulous DIY from Design For Mankind. Click here for step by step instructions on how to create this chair makeover, just in time for the holidays. Read more

Chalk It Up


Has anyone else noticed how popular chalkboard paint has become? I started noticing more and more requests from my clients recently, all asking where they could use it and how fun they thought it would be. This got me to thinking why we love the idea of chalk boards so much. Read more

Coat Rack Love


Q. I’m in desperate need of more space for my winter clothes,  mainly coats and I have only a teeny weeny closet. I have no hanging room, so I wanted to find a great standing coat-rack to hang all my coats on and free up closet space. Do you have any DIY ideas? I’m very crafty and enjoy building things, so I wanted to see what your thoughts were on it. Do you think I should make one or do you think I should keep my eyes peeled and just buy one?    From: Grayson

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Halloween Pillows DIY Style


In my house we are crazy for Halloween! Decorations, parties, designing costumes and enjoying the candy. We began the ritual of unloading the decorations from the eight boxes labeled Halloween (thats nothin, at Christmas we have 28 boxes) and I realized, after years of use I needed to freshen up the collection a bit. All of our ghosts and ghouls were looking dapper but the more decorative things that I enjoy were feeling dated. I began my search for decorations to adore and found these fabulous DIY pillows at Chapman Place. If you are not a DIY fan, don’t fear, this story has a surprise ending you won’t want to miss! Now on to making the pillows.

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Easy Organization


Now that the kids are back to school, I don’t know about you but we could use a little organization around here. They are looking for colored pencils (even in middle school LOL), scissors, glue sticks and the list goes on. This simple DIY is a chic way to keep these supplies at their finger tips for homework time or everyday use. You can also use soup cans or coffee tins, I love having various sizes for variety when organizing. How To: Use hook-and-loop tape to wrap ordinary paint or soup cans in leftover wallpaper scraps. Create simple labels on your computer, print labels and adhere to cans.

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Armoire Up-Cycle


For about a year now several of my clients have been asking me the same question, “do you know anyone who would want my old TV armoire?” In the beginning I found homes for a few, donated others and most recently I began to up-cycle them (a fun term for re-purposing). Let’s take a look at some options. This fabulous potting center began as a kitchen armoire. With some shelf re-configuration, door removal, peg board installation and paint the entire piece has been transformed.

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One of A Kind: Bathroom Vanity


I live in a 50’s ranch that has one full bath and a powder room. Thankfully I have boys otherwise I’d imagine epic battles over that full bathroom. When my wife and I bought the house many things were original including a retro pink and black tile bathroom. I actually liked it but due to its age we were in eminent danger of falling into the basement each time we stepped into the shower. A complete renovation was in order, we’ll talk about that project in another post but for now it’s on to the vanity project. I have always been a bit of a picker so searching for a unique piece for the base of the vanity was not a chore. Quickly after the search began I found a piece at a local antique store that I was immediately drawn to. The details of this Spanish mission style sideboard would provide the character and proper scale I was after. Re-purposing an antique dining room sideboard was right up my alley and I knew my wife would love the idea.

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Electrical Box Cover-Up


At our beach bungalow my bedroom contains the super ugly electrical box and I was tired of looking at it. I began the hunt for the perfect “cover-up”. My idea was to find a piece of art that I could attach hinges to so we could easily access the electrical box. Because we are not there year round we need access to the electrical box fairly often so just hanging something in front of it would be annoying.

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