Window Seats: How & Where


I am a huge fan of window seats and have designed dozens of them for my clients. The two questions that my clients often ask are; how will it be designed and where will it go? The basic design of any window seat looks similar to this one pictured above. The simplest, most cost effective way is to construct a box, add a door and hinges to the top, add panels to the front, trim and base molding. Design details to address (1) The face; recessed or raised panels, bead board, open shelves, doors or drawers? (2) How will you access the storage inside; a door on top of the seat or from the front which we just touched on. (3) The base; to the floor or a toe kick (open space)? (4) The top; will it have a cushion, a decorative slab of wood on top and will it need to open? Read more

Open Plan Design Dilemma


Q. I am taking down the wall between my kitchen and dining room, should I keep a formal dining table or go more casual now? Leeanne

A. Let me start out by saying, I just love the open plan concept mainly because I believe it can increase the quality of your life through natural connections. These connections can be visual as well as interpersonal, the open plan creates opportunities to connect on many different levels. Now on to our readers question, consider the following items when deciding what the dining area should look and feel like. Read more

Ready, Set, Entertain: St. Patrick’s Day


St. Patrick’s Day is March 17 and if you are entertaining this is the perfect time to get organized. Today I want to share ideas to get you started; setting a festive table, some simple DIY decor and a menu of traditional Irish fare with a twist . What I love about St. Patrick’s Day parties and dinners is that the menu is basically pre-determined and a little bit of green in your decor goes a long way. For a busy working Mom like me this takes the stress out of planning and makes finding a few wow factors an easy task. This year my husband’s Irish side of the family is coming from Texas and Colorado for another event and stopping in for dinner at our house, its time to get my act together and start planning. Above, printables are a fun and easy way to add some pizzazz to any Irish inspired display, find these free printables at Catch My Party. Read more

Old Door Love


I posted the article about Gigi and her re-purposed doors just last evening and my email was flooded this morning with requests for ideas when re-purposing old doors. I am happy to share some of my favorites and also help you figure out where the creations will work best in your home. You can send in your design dilemmas and project questions in our Just Ask category. Old doors make wonderful tables and using shutters or pieces of an old door for the sides creates the perfect coffee table. You can find old doors just about anywhere from thrift stores and garage sales to architectural salvage shops and even curb side (junk- week is where I have found some of my best old doors). Read more

A Story about Community, Caring, Fate & Doors?


Living in New Jersey we felt the effects of Hurricane Sandy and having a home at the shore just magnified the impact. Our renovations are moving slowly at our beach bungalow and I am excited to share the process as we get closer to Spring. Today I wanted to share a story about a restaurant owner at the Jersey Shore that I read about this week in The Star Ledger, New Jersey’s largest local newspaper. In the aftermath of the hurricane this story is about community, caring and fate. Read more

Valentines Day Styling


Wrapping up the Week of Accessories I wanted to share some simple ways to style your home for a holiday. Today we’re talking about Valentines Day but these simple tips can be applied to just about any holiday. Here are some Tips for Holiday Decorating;

1. Remove and pack up the existing mantel accessories and various accessories around the house to make room for the holiday decor. Starting with a clean slate makes this task much easier. Jump out of that box, we create when decorating, take down those pictures that never get changed and replace with a fun DIY project like above, learn how here. Read more

Mirror Mirror on the Blog


When I’m working on a project I find that by the time we are at the stage for accessorizing my clients have lost their enthusiasm and just want to be done. I understand why, especially when new construction is involved, so I am here to make it easy. This week I am focusing on simple ways to achieve a finished look in your home and tips for accessorizing, starting out with mirrors. Read more

Five Simple Steps: Organization


Part of being an interior designer is helping my clients get organized. It is such an important step for our mental well being especially when starting a project. I can come into your home and design a beautiful space but unless we take time to purge and organize the contents it will go right back to where it was. I came across this workspace from Real Simple and fell in love with the simplicity of the design and the creative organization. Removing the doors opened up the closet so you have easy and full access. Read more

By The Book


I just adore books and designing places for them to be displayed. Books can bring instant character and warmth to any room. Bookcases can store treasured collections, family heirlooms and pictures in addition to books. They bring visual interest to a room, they can create a focal point or an architectural detail. Today I want to explore all of the ways we can live among our books and how bookcases become vital elements of the room design. Read more

Tennis Anyone?


Here I am in 1976, my Mom introduced me to tennis and I played from age seven through college. One of my New Years Resolutions this year is to get back on the court. Tennis got pushed aside when building my career and family but I am back in the game today sharing some fun ways to incorporate a little vintage tennis into your decor. Pull out those vintage tennis racquets from the attic, basement or garage and blow the dust off. Read more