The Best Stuff


 If  you didn’t already know this about me I am obsessed with Raspberry Snapple and proud of it. All kidding aside when you have an obsession  like this you are left with an enormous amount of Snapple bottle caps; so I tried to think of something I could do with them. Lets examine the facts; they are shiny, they proudly wear an ” S” monogram (I love things that are monogrammed, don’t you? ), you can pick up some fun and useless facts that might show up on the SAT’s and they are easy to collect. I started tossing them in vintage glass containers because they were popping up everywhere around the house which was annoying my husband. Presto, my Snapple cap, DIY, go green (because we didn’t toss them) project was born. I know this sounds elementary but it actually is a unique looking accessory that serves a bigger purpose, wait and see…

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Taking The Plunge: Our Pool

pool 1

Sounds a bit cliche’ I know but this is really how it felt. Planning for a pool is like planning for a wedding! Having experienced both I can tell you the similarities are uncanny. Find Mr. Right, commit, spend a fortune, try your patience and hope for the best.

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