Ceiling Wow: Kitchens

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The idea of creating a wow factor when designing a room can help bring purpose and definition to your design decisions. If you begin with a few wow factor pieces (lighting for example) or ideas (a fabulous ceiling) you can build your entire design from there. Read more

Lighting Wow: Bathrooms


Lighting can truly enhance any room and when it comes to bathrooms the wow factor lighting can be just as important as the task lighting. This is because there is not a great deal of opportunity to infuse character or a touch of bling into the bathroom. As a designer I rely on fabulous light fixtures like these crystal pendents pictured above. They provide just the right amount of glam while illuminating a section of the bathroom.  Read more

The World of Window Treatments


Whether you have a new or existing home the task of designing and specifying window treatments can be daunting. Today I want to help you work through the process and teach you the simple ways to infuse some wow into those windows without the stress. The first step is to identify the two types of window treatments you may need; HARD- the functional window coverings such as blinds and SOFT- these are the decorative treatments made out of fabric. Above is an example of combining hard and soft window treatments using my favorite plantation shutters and simple side panels for a touch of warmth. Also a good example of how simply going a few shades darker than the wall with the fabric choice can create a finished look without the fuss. Read more

Lighting Wow: Kitchens


A few weeks ago I began a series on lighting design starting out with how to design lighting for the Dining Room. Today we are talking about lighting for your Kitchen, not only the decorative fixtures shown here but how to layout the recessed fixtures as well. Above, two fabulous sheer drum lights cover crystal chandeliers for some serious wow factor. Recessed lights were placed under the soffit to shine light onto the counter tops. Begin by looking at the room as a whole when creating a lighting plan. Read more

Window Wow


The concept of the Wow Factor is truly one of my favorite ways to design and can apply to so many aspects of a room. Windows can give instant architectural wow in any space by creating a fabulous design focal point. Below the grand scale and ceiling create some serious window wow. The blue finish is unique and adds another element of design.

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Wallpaper Wow


I know, I know, some people cannot stand the sight of wallpaper while others flock to it. Give me a chance to show you how and where there is a place for wallpaper in your home and why designers love it. From work spaces to elegant dining rooms there is a wallpaper for just about any style and any room.

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Lighting Wow: Dining Rooms


Lighting can truly enhance any space but dining rooms have to be one of my favorite places to bring in the Wow Factor when it comes to lighting. I think I love designing dining rooms so much because of what they represent, good food and good company. A place to reconnect and relax. The lighting fixture you choose can set the mood you are after, create a focal point for the room or complement a fabulous dining table. Whatever the task, you can bet a fabulous fixture over the dining table will get the job done. 

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Master Bath Wow


I love designing bathrooms, especially master bathrooms. Maybe it is the endless array of beautiful tiles to choose from, the luxurious bathtubs, or just the simple pleasure of helping my clients create their dream bathroom. When designing a bathroom function and layout are foremost but not to worry, as your designer, I always have the Wow Factor in my back pocket.

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Nursery Wow


Recently, I have been receiving several requests for nursery design ideas from readers. In addition, a close friend of mine from Junior High School is having twins! As a designer I have designed dozen’s of nurseries for my clients and have three of my own children. I am so excited to share some Nursery Wow with you and a few of my favorite baby rooms!

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Ombre’ Wow

ombre wall1

I am crazy for the Ombre’ trend that is happening everywhere. The term Ombre’ means shadow or shaded in French; this hot trend is essentially colors or tones that shade into each other, color is graduated from light to dark or vice versa.

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