Upholstered Headboard Wow


This weeks Wow Factor comes to you straight from the bedroom, there is nothing more bedroom fabulous than a luxurious upholstered headboard. The style, scale and fabric all contribute to the amount of wow it can bring to your space. This scrumptious tufted headboard, in a luxurious purple velvet, creates just the right amount of wow with the bold design details that surround it.

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Wall Gallery Wow


I love creating wall galleries and have created hundreds of them for my clients. A wall gallery may contain, photos, art, mirrors, frames, letters and many other items. Be creative and think out of the box literally. Below is a colorful array of vintage frames that complements the sleek modern hallway.

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Wow Factor Defined


To find or create that dramatic feature that can inspire your design is the the theory behind the Wow Factor. Achieving balance in a design creates a space that you want to spend time in and enjoy. When clients hire me to “fix” a design they already started, many times the room is filled with several wow factors (because they are the unique  pieces that we love to buy) and your eye is bouncing from piece to piece. Start with one, build the design from there and add additional wow as needed.

This dramatic window is the wow factor with carved moldings and intricate iron work. Because this wow factor is so tremendous in scale and “wow”  it needs some of the design decisions around it to be bold to create  balance. The radiant turquoise creates the perfect backdrop for the window combined with the clean lines of the modern furniture, resulting in a perfectly balanced space.

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Backsplash Wow


I really enjoy the process of designing a kitchen. Probably because everyone is always so happy to have the opportunity to get a shiny new kitchen of their own choosing, not the used one they inherited when they moved into their place. There are so many decisions you have to make when designing a kitchen that I find this room to be one of the most challenging when it comes to deciding what and where the wow factors will be. The Wow factor can be so many things in a kitchen including the granite, the hood, a fixture, the island and the list goes on. Today we are going to talk about Backspalsh WOW.

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