Moms I Adore


Happy Mother’s Day to all of my reader Moms, I truly hope you are taking some time to enjoy what makes you happy today . Here are some Mom’s that truly inspire me to be reach higher and be the best Mom I can be.

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Miniature Golf Anyone?


The beautiful weather we are having is bringing my little man out constantly, he just loves it. This week at his Nana and Pop Pop’s they decided to make a mini-golf course, a simple and inexpensive DIY project for your budding golf champion. Jake enjoyed making the flags just as much as playing with his Pop Pop. Give it a try! Read more

Do Small Things with Great Love

2013 Jake's Snowman 030

Hello friends, I wanted to share a quick story about finding joy in our daily tasks. I know we hear it all the time; the little things become the big things, slow down, take time to smell the roses and the list goes on. Well, as a working mother of three children at totally different stages, I can tell you it is all true. This weekend as my teenage daughter was off to dinner with her boyfriend and my middle school son was sleeping over a friends house I realized how fast time is moving for them and at the same time how much slower things are for my little man.  Read more

Lending a Hand


I decided that once the tree was removed from our street and we could leave that it was time for us to get out and help out. For some of us it meant collecting clothes for a family that lost everything at the Jersey Shore, for others it meant spendng time with friends that needed a pick-me-up and informing everyone we could where gas was available for sale. It also meant getting my little guy out for some much needed running and fun at the park. These are baby steps of course and this evening we began researching greater ways that we can give back. Here is what we came up with;

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At The Farm


I adore this season and the traditions our family has made. One of our favorites, since my daughter was three, is going to Wightman’s Farms. We love the hayride that takes you up the side of a hill and drops you off in their pumpkin patch. Other highlights are the corn maze, pumpkin sling shot, scrumptious homemade pies, cider donuts and apple cider. My kids vary in age so it is hard to find something they all want to do (even the little guy has an opinion now hehehe) but they all were so excited to spend some time at the farm together. 

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Summer Snapshot 2012


Today we got the list of school supplies for my middle schooler, you know the list, they all have one and we all walk around the store with that glazed look in our eyes trying to find all of this stuff. I don’t know about you but when I was in middle school I remember a Trapper Keeper and a couple of pens, pencils and I was good to go. I can’t believe summer is almost over and the kids will be back to school in a week , it seemed to breeze by.  Let’s reminisce just a bit more before that school bell rings. For us it was lazy beach bungalow days, gatherings by the pool with friends and family, blueberry picking and making scrumptious pies, Yum, summer camps, a trip to Boston and simple pleasures.

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