Our Favorite Ways to Organize & Store Shoes

I know it might sound trivial but in my world I am constantly designing places to store shoes and some collections contain hundreds of pairs. The first step to finding a home for your shoes is to go through and purge if possible. The next step is decide where they will be stored; in their own closet, or one that also contains clothes or out in the open. Today, I want to walk you through glam (tons of space) to jam (almost no space) shoe storage ideas and how to implement them into your home.


An ordinary bookcase can be used to house shoes while it acts as a room divider. You can implement this idea in small spaces as well as large rooms, with simple Ikea bookcases or custom built-in’s. A nice option is to install glass doors, they create a design detail in addition to protecting the shoes.


If wall space permits I often suggest built-in units like this one above, the interior can be customized to suit your needs and I love the sleek modern look. 

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There are several options for how you store the actual shoes; a basic flat shelf, an angled shelf with a lip (loving the hip yet functional Lucite idea above for the lip), cubbies, a DIY door rack using moldings or an up-cycled armoire. All options are efficient, it is just a matter of personal preference. I design several apartments in New York City where square footage is sparse, below a shoe slide out enables me to neatly store a lot of shoes without taking up valuable wall space.


When designing closet interiors be sure to take into consideration where vents, outlets and switches are located. Below, notice the air vent at the bottom shelf below and how the shelving can be built around it, the other option is to move the vent to the ceiling which is typically what I do.


Organizing and storing shoes may seem like a daunting task but you should only have to do it once if carried out properly. If you adore shoes like we do check out some of our favorites here, happy shoe shopping!


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How To Select Dining Room Chairs


Dozens of questions come in each month about dining room chairs and how to select them so I decided it was time to share some of my favorite tips with our readers. The concept of the formal dining room has changed drastically over the years, even in multi-million dollar homes that I design my clients are looking to create dining rooms that are aesthetically interesting and inviting with a more relaxed feel.

atracery5 Think Outside of the Box– Try to abandon the stereo-type of what you think a dining room should look like and do not buy a “set” of furniture. The idea is to collect pieces that you love and combine them to create an atmosphere that reflects your personal style.

Choose a Style- The chair style should complement the overall look you are creatingAbove, a coastal inspired dining room incorporates natural cane back chairs with a bamboo white frame adding to the beachy feel. Left, chic and vintage design elements are combined with a window seat for an eclectic look.

Number of Seats- Consider how many people will be seated at the table on a daily basis and the maximum guests you anticipate when entertaining. This will help determine the scale of the chair you need to use and impact the selection.


Consider ComfortIs it important to be comfortable or just look good? You would be surprised how many people choose style over comfort. My vote is a combination of the two, chic and comfortable like these fabulous slip-covered chairs above.


Finish Selection- The finish or color of the dining chairs in particular is the most frequently asked question. I want to start out by saying there are no design rules to follow you can mix finishes, colors and materials to fit the design aesthetic you are creating. I like to create contrast so if my table is wood then a lighter color chair works well.


Mixing it Up- I am sure you have noticed that mixing chair styles and colors is popular. Here, a fabulous curved settee and rattan chairs are brought together at the dining table to create a feeling of casual elegance.

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Best Beach House Interior 2013


In the midst of several design projects that I am juggling I love to take time to see what my fellow designers have been up to this summer selecting my favorite coastal creation that boasts the best beach interior. I am looking for an interior that combines fresh ideas with a classic beach cottage feel and wow did I find a real gem from Tracery Interiors.


What makes this home so special are the creative design features and attention to detail. Above, a natural woven wood ceiling and white horizontal paneling adds a nautical feel and texture combined with oversize furniture pieces and a wide plank floor.


The coastal palette incorporates hues from sea-glass, sand and sea. I am just loving the oversize chairs flanking the table, whimsical fabric choices and beachy accessories.


The combination of aqua colored window frames in some areas, natural wood doors, woven wood shades and crisp white moldings all contribute to the custom feel.


Below, an awkward shaped bedroom combines a creative space-plan and architectural details with an interesting color palette of aqua blue, white and rust. Bold statement fabrics and painted window trim complete this fresh and fun look.


You get the feeling that you could be in a boat interior in certain areas of the home with low ceiling heights and wood wall treatments.




The master is elegant and luxurious with a touch of romance, the palette is slightly more soothing but seamlessly blends with the homes nautical details. I truly hope you have enjoyed our pick for The Best Beach Interior 2013 and are enjoying the last days of summer.


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Chic in the Kitchen

abuzz Daily Buzz Style is an online publication for the latest fashion and style inspiration from the best blogs on the web. This week I had the honor of being included in their Top 9 Blogs for the topic “Chic in the Kitchen” alongside one of my all time favorite blogs, Design Sponge. So excited and hope you will stop by to learn all about creating a chic kitchen, read more here.


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