Chelsea Thrift Shop:Housing Works

Recently my daughter attended pre-college at The Fashion Institute of Technology which is located in an eclectic neighborhood in NYC called Chelsea. If you haven’t experienced Chelsea before be sure to stop by some of these favorite spots, Chelsea Market and High Line Park. She commuted by train but I took the opportunity to meet her after class to fit some shopping in. We stumbled upon this fabulous thrift store by Housing Works and I wanted to share some of the finds. This place is unique because it combines a nice mix of furniture and designer clothing. Typically I find thrift stores seem to be stronger in one area than another but this place was a real find. What an easy way to give back and get some good stuff. Housing Works engages in relentless advocacy in pursuit of their mission to end the dual crises of AIDS and homelessness. Feel good shopping, I love it. Check it out!

Home Sweet Airstream

Today the open road takes us on a house tour that I know you have all been dying to get inside of, the vintage Airstream. I would be the first in line to see a collection of these iconic vehicles, so lets roll.

Airstream trailers are easily recognized for their distinctive rounded aluminum bodies, which originated in the 1930s from designs created by Hawley Bowlus read more.

The combination of retro and simple modern suits me just fine, surprisingly the interior feels spacious and open because of the unique  Airstream body.

Love this Modern and organic Airstream interior. Simple, organized and green with a fabulous cork floor

Wow, radiant color looks like some of my color picks in Get Inspired. The metal storage compartments fit the period and add to the vintage charm.

A girly girl Airstream, fabulous. I usually find polka dots in doses like this to be annoying but here in this soft turquoise its dreamy.

Clean lines and monochromatic palette with a pop of color, always in style.

Beach Bungalow feel with vintage touches.

Gypsy Lovin, enough said.

I’ve designed apartments in New York City that had less space than this. Look around, this Airstream has it all

Time to hit the open road. I hope you enjoyed this exclusive peek inside the world of Airstream lovers and how interesting their interiors can be. If you didn’t get enough Airstream love take a look at Dwell Magazines article  September 2012 “Open House” issue, they covered the renovated airstream of Austin, Texas’s Stubb’s. Happy Trails!
Read more of this article. 

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Banquette Envy

Q: I love the idea of banquette seating but is it practical or just stylish?

A: This is an example of how practical and stylish banquette seating can be. Chairs would appear clunky and have to be extremely small in scale to fit the same amount of people that a banquette can hold. It also provides you with the option to stretch out and relax if its just one or two at the table. I have found that most of my clients ranging from modern to traditional taste all welcome the idea of banquette seating. Here is some additional inspiration to get your design started.

A bench on the opposite side on the banquette allows the lighting and table to complement the banquette perfectly. There is also storage below the built ins for added functionality. I just love this dining area!


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One of A Kind: Bathroom Vanity

I live in a 50’s ranch that has one full bath and a powder room. Thankfully I have boys otherwise I’d imagine epic battles over that full bathroom. When my wife and I bought the house many things were original including a retro pink and black tile bathroom. I actually liked it but due to its age we were in eminent danger of falling into the basement each time we stepped into the shower. A complete renovation was in order, we’ll talk about that project in another post but for now it’s on to the vanity project. I have always been a bit of a picker so searching for a unique piece for the base of the vanity was not a chore. Quickly after the search began I found a piece at a local antique store that I was immediately drawn to. The details of this Spanish mission style sideboard would provide the character and proper scale I was after. Re-purposing an antique dining room sideboard was right up my alley and I knew my wife would love the idea.

We selected a classic white porcelain vessel from Kohler that was partially recessed which meant cutting rather large openings in the top of the sideboard. Since the sideboard only had three drawers and no cabinets underneath, we tried to salvage as much drawer space as possible.  I wall-mounted the faucets which meant all the faucet plumbing would be contained in wall so that just left the drains to deal with. I centered the sinks over the two outside drawers and then addressed the drains. Determining the clearance I needed for the drains, I removed the back and bottom of the drawer and cut the bottom so it would clear the plumbing.

My next task was to adapt the depth because the sideboard had an overhang on all sides. I shortened the two side overhangs and removed the back overhang completely. I also removed three wood panels from the back that had relief carvings similar to those on the front that can be used as wall hangings. Once the overhangs were modified I began to see the light at the end of this project sanding and refinishing the top of the sideboard.  The final step was to attach it to the wall, hook up the plumbing and install the vessels. A little outside the box thinking yielded the desired result, a one of a kind double vanity with character. We won’t be walking into anyone else’s bathroom and saying, “just like ours”.