Architectural Statement:Window From India

This weeks Friday Find is a real gem. I searched for quite awhile looking for a bold architectural piece for above the mantel of my fireplace and had just about given up when I found it. I was going to see my nephew perform in the NYC Fringe Festival and came across a little shop with vintage imports from India. This is an exquisite window from India, handcrafted with intricately carved details.

When deciding what to put above the mantel there are several options I suggest; a fabulous piece of art, a mirror with a decedent profile or an architectural statement like I chose. Other options I considered were an old stained glass window and a large scale vintage tin panel from an old kitchen ceiling. Happy Friday!

Electrical Box Cover-Up

At our beach bungalow my bedroom contains the super ugly electrical box and I was tired of looking at it. I began the hunt for the perfect “cover-up”. My idea was to find a piece of art that I could attach hinges to so we could easily access the electrical box. Because we are not there year round we need access to the electrical box fairly often so just hanging something in front of it would be annoying.

I found this fabulous sign from a company called Go Jump In A Lake, I’m not a “sign” person per se,  yet I love all of their signs because of the feeling of bold authenticity they have. It is a painted wood sign with just the right amount of distressing in that striking blue. I particularly like this saying because my close friends say I operate “On  Cathy Time”, meaning I get there when I get there, so this was a must have.

On to the project, I attached two hinges to the back of the sign, both on the same side, one 2″ from the top and the other 2″ from the bottom. Then I attached the hinges to the wall and my project was complete.  A fabulous “cover-up” beach style.

Island Allure

Q. I desperately want an island in my kitchen but do not have the space. Have you ever replaced the table with and an island?

A. Yes, I have replaced kitchen tables with an island and my clients have all loved the change. This typically occurs because we take a wall down in between the kitchen and dining room as shown here or because a new space was added on such as a great room. If the existing kitchen cabinets are not being replaced and or the counter-tops are not changing then take a look at Mixing Up Surfaces . I love using wood on the island surface especially when there is not a table in the kitchen. It brings a warmth to the island and creates an inviting atmosphere not to mention those fabulous pendants by Circa Lighting. The island can be counter or bar height depending on which you prefer and what works best for your family.


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Lunch Box Love

Just in time for back to school, our Friday Find this week is my childhood lunch box, Holly Hobbie. I bet if you take a minute to think about it you can remember that favorite style lunchbox that you had to have. For me it was one of my best back to school purchases, my super cool lunchbox. The lunchbox can be traced back to 1935 when Geuder, Paeschke & Frey produced the first licensed character lunchbox with Mickey Mouse on it. Interested in the history of the metal lunch box read more. So how can this iconic piece of metal work into your room design? I have hung a couple of vintage lunchboxes on play room walls, arranged them on shelves in retro inspired kitchens and even put them in kids bedrooms (usually a western or space pattern with the occasional Snoopy round top). They are especially fun if they come with a history to tell about.

Here she is and notice that Adore Your Place color scheme, very funny. If you haven’t seen enough stop by the Lunch Box Museum.

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