Wall Gallery Chic

Recently a client of mine framed the most beautiful vintage Hermès scarves that were handed down to her by her mother- in- law and hung them in her hall, she had no idea how everyone would enjoy them. I really liked the idea of preserving and enjoying these pieces of history but the only collection I had, where I could mirror the idea, were handkerchiefs, not quite the same as Hermès silk. Nevertheless, it could be fun at the bungalow in nautical patterns. I found this idea in House and Home and was so excited to see a use for these sweet little pieces of art that were in a drawer for years. Flea market, thirft and garage sales are good places to find handkerchiefs or silk scarves if you don’t have any collecting dust.

For this project; select the handkerchiefs to display, purchase album art frames like these  from Urban Outfitters, use white card stock for mounting, hang in a grid pattern and Voila! Now see what I have done, I took a sweet little handkerchief project and had to show you the Hermès version. Look at how beautiful the Hermès scarves look below using the same idea.

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The Best Stuff

 If  you didn’t already know this about me I am obsessed with Raspberry Snapple and proud of it. All kidding aside when you have an obsession  like this you are left with an enormous amount of Snapple bottle caps; so I tried to think of something I could do with them. Lets examine the facts; they are shiny, they proudly wear an ” S” monogram (I love things that are monogrammed, don’t you? ), you can pick up some fun and useless facts that might show up on the SAT’s and they are easy to collect. I started tossing them in vintage glass containers because they were popping up everywhere around the house which was annoying my husband. Presto, my Snapple cap, DIY, go green (because we didn’t toss them) project was born. I know this sounds elementary but it actually is a unique looking accessory that serves a bigger purpose, wait and see…


I decided to save the reveal for a rainy day at the beach bungalow. When it rains at the beach bungalow we all look at each other like, OK now what?  Not this time, I waited for the rain and those long faces that always follow. Except this time I placed my invention in the center of the table and the rest was history. Reading, laughing, guessing, talking, bonding, silly, stacking, sorting  and all the best stuff on earth.



Summer Snapshot 2012

Today we got the list of school supplies for my middle schooler, you know the list, they all have one and we all walk around the store with that glazed look in our eyes trying to find all of this stuff. I don’t know about you but when I was in middle school I remember a Trapper Keeper and a couple of pens, pencils and I was good to go. I can’t believe summer is almost over and the kids will be back to school in a week , it seemed to breeze by.  Let’s reminisce just a bit more before that school bell rings. For us it was lazy beach bungalow days, gatherings by the pool with friends and family, blueberry picking and making scrumptious pies, Yum, summer camps, a trip to Boston and simple pleasures.


 Meet Lucy The Elephant!  She is six stories high and is listed on the National Park Registry of Historical Landmarks. Read more about Lucy here. My older kids were not thrilled going to see Lucy but I had to see this massive structure and our little guy loved the tour that takes you inside the elephant.

Found this wagon at a garage sale, cleaning it up with Pop Pop, love it.

Trip to Boston

Taking The Plunge: Our Pool

Sounds a bit cliche’ I know but this is really how it felt. Planning for a pool is like planning for a wedding! Having experienced both I can tell you the similarities are uncanny. Find Mr. Right, commit, spend a fortune, try your patience and hope for the best.

All kidding aside I’d like to share our story and validate some “when you have a pool” myths you may have heard along the way. I found “Mr. Right” at a dream of a pool company. He did it all from concept to completion and came equipped with a stellar recommendation from our good friends along with no headaches attached. The only problem, the price tag. I was sure that with my management expertise I could pull this off for less than he quoted. After weeks of interviews and proposals I found a company with a lower price tag that was allowing me to pitch in with surveys, permits, design and landscaping so we could stick to our budget.

Here comes the funny part. After going over the time line by weeks, experiencing tons of stress and way more time spent than I anticipated the final price came in $20.00 higher than “Mr. Right’s” original quote. Don’t you hate when that happens…

Now lets address those myths. A pool “does” make your house the place everyone gathers at, it costs a fortune to heat and yes your kids will get tired of going in the pool “again” by August. But for me,  I wouldn’t have it any other way and love every minute of it. It was one of the best decisions I convinced my husband to make, just like getting married was.