Happy 4th of July


This porch on Martha’s Vineyard is the perfect place to enjoy the Fourth of July, don’t you think? For us its a classic barbecue at the shore and fireworks at night. This year I added a featured drink for a fun twist, a patriotic margarita, recipe here. Red, white and blue decor is a given, transform an old picnic table with a fresh coat of paint, Martha Stewart style and my personal favorite memory for the Fourth, sparklers. Love this tote idea from LL Bean.

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I also want to share some of my favorite patriotic posts to help you celebrate and to thank those who fight for our Independence everyday.


Red, White & Blue Style– Today I am sharing some red, white and blue inspiration with you. Red is vibrant and energetic, blue can be soothing or bold depending on the shade and white is peaceful and crisp. Combined the result is crisp, clean and fabulous. Read more


aapick Five Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day– As we remember the Men and Women who sacrificed their lives for our freedom, we take some time to enjoy our family and friends, we catch up on those outdoor projects and of course we barbecue. Read more


Dad Wolfram Navy

Veterans Day Remembered– On Veterans Day a special thank you to my Dad, Arthur Mezzo pictured here who served in the United States Army and my father-in-law, Richard Wolfram who served in the United States Navy. Read more



 A True Hero– A few years ago my close friend’s son, Matt turned eighteen and followed his heart, enlisting in the Navy hoping to become a Navy Seal. The training to become a Navy Seal is the most rigorous type of training you could ever imagine. Read more




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7 Ways to Seat Your Guests: Wedding Design


I mentioned a few months ago that I am assisting a client in planning her wedding working under the direction of her wedding planner. This is a backyard wedding so my tasks have to do with ceremony decor, color palettes and making the reception look pretty.

aawed6 Today I was asked to come up with some creative options for the presentation of the escort cards. In my neck of the woods we call them place cards but the wedding planner gave me a crash course on the difference between escort and place cards in case your interested. Escort cards are used to inform your guests of their assigned table where place cards are to let your guests know of their assigned seat at that table. If you are using place cards a chart is typically created displaying the guests at each table.

Above, boho chic inspired DIY escort cards using clothes pins and stationary mounted on distressed wood planks appealing to the rustic side of a backyard event. Left, after a wedding ceremony during late summer a refreshing drink on the way to the reception area would be a nice touch.


A truly unique creation that can be used as a piece of art in the newlyweds home after their nuptials. Below, simple metal containers holding succulents are given instant style with a lemon chevron escort card attached. Also serving as a favor for your guests.


This idea was a home-run with the wedding planner filling rustic containers with moss and hanging tags with a fabulous font choice, love it.


Below, silhouette tags and ribbon are fitting for a casual outdoor setting, loving how the centerpiece relates to the tag and feels so light and airy.


I have seen this final idea indoors and out. Using a low profile wooden box filled with tiny pebbles the cards are simply arranged with random plants. It is so refreshing helping to design a wedding in between my client projects, I just love weddings.


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Log Cabin Love: Summer Edition

In helping a client to design built-in beds for their Adirondack Mountain home I stumbled upon Lands End Development based in Crosslake, Minnesota and was blown away. My clients home is a traditional log home which is what this company specializes in and their creative approach to building was just what I was looking for.


A log cabin that is built with quality craftsmanship and materials makes my job a breeze. Similar to this home owner my client has collected vintage pieces of American history from wagon wheels to farm equipment. We also used several Ralph Lauren fabrics and a warm color scheme to complement the texture of the wood.



Reclaimed lumber, field stone, wide plank floors and rolling doors, I think I am in heaven less the bear skin but some love the look.


Here are the beds that introduced me to Lands End, love the idea of the curtain for a softer look instead of a door. Exposed wood ceilings add to the log home charm.




Another fabulous built-in bed making room for the many guests that gather at lake homes. Further below a lovely screened in porch boasting a garden view continuing the Americana design aesthetic throughout.



I’ll leave you with this stunning view of this classic treasure and spectacular site. Have you ever built a log-home or lived in one, would love to hear about the experience.


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Just Ask a Designer: Glass Cabinets

A design question that is consistently sent in from readers is one that I face often when designing kitchens; if I use glass cabinets is it a waste of valuable storage? Today I want to talk about the significance of glass cabinets in the kitchen and address some of the myths that surface when I “try” to incorporate glass into my clients kitchens.


Q. If I use glass cabinets in my kitchen where should I put them, what type of glass do you suggest using and what should I put in them? Anne


Location– When designing your kitchen glass cabinet placement should be part of the process just as the location of the pantry or wood cabinets will be. Where there is a run of solid cabinets you may want to break it up with some glass or in the example above play up the lightness of the window by extending the look with glass cabinets. You don’t always need to be symmetrical with their placement either, glass can go anywhere it makes sense to you.

Type of Glass– A personal favorite of mine is clear glass with some type of mullions (wood dividers) but the style of the kitchen and contents of the glass cabinets needs to be considered in the decision. Left, seeded glass slightly masks some of the contents and creates a design detail. There is also frosted glass which I love in modern kitchens where I need to hide the contents and leaded glass for a more traditional look.

Contents– We all have glasses, dishes, serving bowls, vases and a multitude of kitchenware that we have to house somewhere. Why not store them in a glass cabinet and give your kitchen a design aesthetic that feels custom and light. Glass cabinets also forces us to stay neat and organized because the contents are visible.


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