Wallpaper Wow


I know, I know, some people cannot stand the sight of wallpaper while others flock to it. Give me a chance to show you how and where there is a place for wallpaper in your home and why designers love it. From work spaces to elegant dining rooms there is a wallpaper for just about any style and any room.

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Picking The Perfect Paint

accent wall

Q. We just bought a new house and I need to pick paint colors for several rooms. Can you tell me where to start and also what color to paint the trim?

A. Selecting paint colors for an entire home is not an easy task. I can share some simple tips with you to help facilitate the process and get you started selecting. I like to decide first where my bold and radiant colors will be. It could be the entrance foyer, a dining room or a kitchen that has “color”. Then create a neutral palette of two or three tones for the rest of that floor. Read more