How To Select Bathroom Tile


Q. What are some tips or guidelines you use in picking bathroom tile? I’d like to re-tile a master bathroom floor, sink backsplash/wall, shower wall and floor. How many patterns would you choose? Where would you use a small pattern vs a large pattern? Glossy or Matte? Mixing materials like Marble and porcelain? Karen Read more

Five Steps To Design Your Bathroom


Whether you are renovating an existing bathroom or building a new home there are certain tips for designing and renovating that I follow every time. Read more

Bathroom Renovation Tips


One of the first questions everyone asks me when they are planning to renovate their bathroom is; where do I begin? Defining the process, developing a plan of action and making selections will help get you on your way and relieve some of the stress.

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Just Ask A Designer: Bathroom Design


Q. What do you recommend for the the front of the tub, wood or tile, I really want wood but my husband thinks tile will be more durable? Gianna

A. Wood or tile on the face of the tub deck are both durable and acceptable design options. The main difference between the two is the design aesthetic that you are looking to achieve. The tub deck itself is where the material will effect the durability. Above, the face is covered with recessed wood panels, the top is a quartz material (natural stone crushed and manufactured into a solid surface) and there is an under-mount tub. I personally love this look and the top will wear like iron. Read more