Merry Mantels


Wow, the month is flying by for me. I am finishing up holiday decorations for my clients this week and working on mantels in particular. The mantel tends to become a focal point in the room and during the holidays it draws you right in with a warm cozy fire or the shimmer of candles. If the Christmas tree is in the room they need to complement each-other in some way. A soft palette, fresh airy greens, topiary trees, hanging stars and a collection of frames and statues complete the look. Read more

Home Sweet Christmas


The house is finally quiet after an evening filled with trimming the tree and unpacking the twenty something boxes of holiday decorations I insist on bringing out each year. I absolutely love Christmas and the traditions we keep, and look forward to sharing our collections and decorations with you in a few days once they are all up. Decorating for several different clients at Christmas I have the opportunity to bring many different visions of Christmas to life, for today a sweet simple side of Christmas. Vintage skates on a fresh spruce wreath sets the mood for welcomed guests. Read more

Holiday Curb Appeal


While most people were out shopping or at family gatherings this weekend,  my crew was out starting the holiday decorations that I had planned months ago for my clients. In addition to my regular projects I decorate approximately eight houses a year for Christmas and it’s so much fun. My son’s birthday is this weekend so I will start my own house Monday (with no crew LOL) and outside is where I like to begin. Read more