How To Select Dining Room Chairs


Dozens of questions come in each month about dining room chairs and how to select them so I decided it was time to share some of my favorite tips with our readers. The concept of the formal dining room has changed drastically over the years, even in multi-million dollar homes that I design my clients are looking to create dining rooms that are aesthetically interesting and inviting with a more relaxed feel. Read more

Open Plan Design Dilemma


Q. I am taking down the wall between my kitchen and dining room, should I keep a formal dining table or go more casual now? Leeanne

A. Let me start out by saying, I just love the open plan concept mainly because I believe it can increase the quality of your life through natural connections. These connections can be visual as well as interpersonal, the open plan creates opportunities to connect on many different levels. Now on to our readers question, consider the following items when deciding what the dining area should look and feel like. Read more

Shabby Chic Influence


In honor of the first day of Spring I decided to go with a question from Just Ask that feels and looks like Spring, Shabby Chic inspired. I was introduced to the style of Shabby Chic design while in high school when the queen of Shabby Chic, Rachel Ashwell’s brand hit the scene in 1989 called Shabby Chic Couture. I was working for a design firm part-time and everyone wanted the Shabby Chic look. I also have parents that collect everything vintage so by the time I graduated from design school I was so over distressing everything to feel Shabby Chic. French Country and other variations of cottage influenced design seem to have taken the place of the Shabby Chic style. The interesting thing is that after designing interiors for the past twenty years the influence of Shabby Chic can still be found in many different styles, it’s just more hip to say “Cottage Chic” these days. Read more

Delectable Dining Rooms: Ditching the China Cabinet


This week the majority of design questions that came through our Just Ask category pertained to dining rooms and entertaining. I just love re-defining the tradional dining room, creating dining rooms that my clients enjoy spending time in so let’s explore some ideas.

Q. I am not a fan of china cabinets for dining rooms but need some storage, can you make suggestions? Elise

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Passion for Powder Rooms


This week I received several questions about powder rooms and creative ways to make them feel special. I decided to post another solution from our Just Ask category where I solve design dilemmas for you daily.  

The definition of a powder room or half bath is a room that contains a toilet and sink but no bathtub or shower stall. Based on the scale of the room there is not a lot of opportunity to create design details or bring in a wow factor. This means each decision has to be well thought out and purposeful. Here are five steps you can follow to help you through the design process that will help you create a well designed powder room with personality. Read more

Attic Attention


Our Just Ask category is the place to go to solve your design dilemmas and project questions. Send in your questions and pictures and I will figure out the best design options giving you the tools to get your project complete.

Q. I have an upstairs “attic” style bedroom that we plan to use as a guest room. I need help with decor/furniture to keep it open and feeling spacious since the ceiling slants on both sides making it feel smaller. Katy

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Lighting Wow: Bathrooms


Lighting can truly enhance any room and when it comes to bathrooms the wow factor lighting can be just as important as the task lighting. This is because there is not a great deal of opportunity to infuse character or a touch of bling into the bathroom. As a designer I rely on fabulous light fixtures like these crystal pendents pictured above. They provide just the right amount of glam while illuminating a section of the bathroom.  Read more

Laundry Room Lovin: 4 Easy Steps to Design your Dream


I have designed dozens of laundry rooms over the years using closet interiors to full size rooms and wanted to share some of my favorite ideas and feedback from my clients.What makes laundry rooms challenging to design is that most have limitations when it comes to their location. Even in new construction I have found that the laundry room becomes the left over space after the more significant mud room and powder room are space-planned. In most cases my clients call me in because they are looking to move their laundry area out of the basement and this is really where the fun begins. Read more

Master Bedroom Dilemma: Carpet vs. Wood


We received several questions over the past few weeks in Just Ask about using carpet in the bedroom verses hardwood floors; maybe because the weather is so frigid outside LOL. Today lets talk about what people are doing more of and why, the pros and cons of each, my favorite flooring products and cost comparison.

Q. We are renovating our master bedroom and my husband wants carpet but I want hardwood. What do you recommend and why? Annie

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A Well Accessorized Home


This week we are talking all about accessories; how to use them, where to find them, why we need them and how to style them. Today I wanted to take you on a House Tour that demonstrates what a well styled home looks like and how simple decisions can help you select and place your accessories. I just adore the open plan concept and this condo sets the stage for chic styling. Starting out in the seating area; an area rug defines and grounds the seating arrangement, fabulous throw pillows add a subtle pop of color and pattern while a simple coffee table arrangement finishes the look. Read more