My Journey to Ireland: Part I


Hello friends, this post is so special to me because it is exactly one year since I wrote my very first post the day I launched the blog. I wanted to share a personal experience that was dear to my heart, so I decided to share my Ireland trip. My daughter and I traveled together which was a first and I loved it, she did most of the planning along with the help of some great friends from Ireland and the result was a rockin itinerary.

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Hello Ireland


Today we arrive in Ireland and words cannot express how excited I am. The plan is 4 counties and 2 cities in six days, ugg we are such tourists. We believe in making the most of every minute when traveling especially when going to such a beautiful country as Ireland. We like to stumble upon places to go but here are some highlights.

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Inspiration from Ireland


A while back I was talking about a trend in Sweet Sixteens; instead of the big bash, girl’s are opting to take a mother /daughter trip. My daughter’s Sweet Sixteen is in May and she has decided on Ireland; I couldn’t be happier. Today, the weekend of St. Patrick’s Day, we are taking the time to finalize our plans while we watch the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City. We are feeling the Irish LOVE for sure and wanted to share some inspiration with you from the traditional Irish cottage pictured here ( County Wexford) to the classic pubs and vibrant colors of Ireland. Read more