Creating Cozy


This time of year my clients consistently ask me to infuse some “cozy” elements into their homes, especially because the glow of the holiday decorations has been packed away. This is easily achieved if you live in a log home like this one with a fabulous stone fireplace situated across from your bed. For the rest of us, I will share some tips today on how you can create some “cozy” without relocating to the mountains. Read more

Studio Sanity


Wednesday is all about solving design dilemmas for my readers and this week was a banner week answering over sixty two questions sent in. Ranging from space- planning your kitchen to re-covering sofas to holiday decor. I truly love sharing my years of professional experience with you so send your design questions in anytime. Today I chose to share a question from newlyweds in Hoboken, NJ and their super small studio.

Q. We just got married and are now renting a studio in Hoboken, NJ. It’s a great space with exposed brick and architectural details but I have no idea how to lay it out and wanted to know if you could give us some tips and options. Jocelyn B.

Read more

Loft Love:Madrid


I am designing an apartment in New York City currently where my clients are asking for a warm contemporary feel. This presents an interesting challenge because contemporary design is often viewed as cold. I found this loft in Madrid and thought it was prefect for this weeks House Tour. The style represents the clean lines of classic contemporary design coupled with various textures and color to bring in warmth. Read more

Exposed Brick Bliss

brick bliss

I am obsessed with exposing brick when designing interiors. It doesn’t matter if the environment is modern or traditional the earthy character and warmth it can bring to a space is unmatched. In essence exposing brick is like adding an accent wall or a wow factor into your design. It blends with any color scheme, instantly adds a cool factor to your space and you can hang whatever you want on it (how to hang; read here). Above this work space shows how brick can even work when incorporating alittle shabby chic vibe and pastel hues. Read more