Merry Mantels


Wow, the month is flying by for me. I am finishing up holiday decorations for my clients this week and working on mantels in particular. The mantel tends to become a focal point in the room and during the holidays it draws you right in with a warm cozy fire or the shimmer of candles. If the Christmas tree is in the room they need to complement each-other in some way. A soft palette, fresh airy greens, topiary trees, hanging stars and a collection of frames and statues complete the look. Read more

Double The Fun


Wednesday is one of my favorite blog days because I get to answer design questions I receive from readers all day. I then choose the question I think most readers would be interested in and share my response with everyone. Being able to share design advice and solve design dilemmas is what I do best so if you are working on a project or need design advice don’t hesitate to ask; go to Just Ask and ask away!

Q. My living room is long and one seating arrangement in the center leaves odd open space on each side of it. Is it strange to have two seating areas and should they both match? Jillian T.

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