Lighting Wow: Bathrooms


Lighting can truly enhance any room and when it comes to bathrooms the wow factor lighting can be just as important as the task lighting. This is because there is not a great deal of opportunity to infuse character or a touch of bling into the bathroom. As a designer I rely on fabulous light fixtures like these crystal pendents pictured above. They provide just the right amount of glam while illuminating a section of the bathroom.  Read more

Lighting Wow: Kitchens


A few weeks ago I began a series on lighting design starting out with how to design lighting for the Dining Room. Today we are talking about lighting for your Kitchen, not only the decorative fixtures shown here but how to layout the recessed fixtures as well. Above, two fabulous sheer drum lights cover crystal chandeliers for some serious wow factor. Recessed lights were placed under the soffit to shine light onto the counter tops. Begin by looking at the room as a whole when creating a lighting plan. Read more