How To Design Your Dream Home Office


The home office has become a standard for many of us these days with one out of five Americans working from home, reported by Forbes. Here are a few tips to consider when designing your work-space to help make it as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. Read more

Laundry Room Lovin: 4 Easy Steps to Design your Dream


I have designed dozens of laundry rooms over the years using closet interiors to full size rooms and wanted to share some of my favorite ideas and feedback from my clients.What makes laundry rooms challenging to design is that most have limitations when it comes to their location. Even in new construction I have found that the laundry room becomes the left over space after the more significant mud room and powder room are space-planned. In most cases my clients call me in because they are looking to move their laundry area out of the basement and this is really where the fun begins. Read more

Valentines Day Styling


Wrapping up the Week of Accessories I wanted to share some simple ways to style your home for a holiday. Today we’re talking about Valentines Day but these simple tips can be applied to just about any holiday. Here are some Tips for Holiday Decorating;

1. Remove and pack up the existing mantel accessories and various accessories around the house to make room for the holiday decor. Starting with a clean slate makes this task much easier. Jump out of that box, we create when decorating, take down those pictures that never get changed and replace with a fun DIY project like above, learn how here. Read more

Girly, Chic and Modern Workspace


Each week I answer design questions from readers ranging from; help me layout my bathroom tiles to selecting accent colors, revising kitchen plans to creating curb appeal and the list goes on. It is truly my passion to help you solve your design dilemmas so ask away, Just Ask. Several questions this week had to do with creating a feminine home office space, so let’s get designing.

Q. I need help with ideas for a home office, I need girly, chick and modern, clean looking. HELP! Model Mom

Read more

Five Simple Steps: Organization


Part of being an interior designer is helping my clients get organized. It is such an important step for our mental well being especially when starting a project. I can come into your home and design a beautiful space but unless we take time to purge and organize the contents it will go right back to where it was. I came across this workspace from Real Simple and fell in love with the simplicity of the design and the creative organization. Removing the doors opened up the closet so you have easy and full access. Read more

Let’s Get To Work


Q.  My resolution this year is to find a space to call my own. I homeschool my three children and run my household, I need an office but have no idea where to put one with very little space available. Leigh

A. You deserve a space to serve as your command center. As Mothers we juggle many responsibilities, jobs and children. We need a space to call our own where we can clear our heads, get organized and get to work. This week seems to be the perfect time to get organized, I received several questions about finding alternative spaces for home offices. You need to think outside of the box and take a walk around the house. Read more

The Purposeful Staircase


It is so much fun answering your design questions in Just Ask and it is especially fun when several people ask a question about the same topic. This week I received five questions all about staircases and how to utilize the space underneath. Is it safe to do, tacky to do, ugly to do, pretty to do and a good idea to do? I picked the question that basically covers all of the design options regarding this topic (they also complimented me, hehehe) and I hope this provides the inspiration needed to make dead space into functional space.

Q. We are building a new home and are pretty much set with the plans except for the entrance foyer. The home is not huge so I want every bit of space to be functional and fabulous. That is where you come in; I am crazy for your blog and I know you will give me some good ideas of what I can do under the staircase. Read more

Exposed Brick Bliss

brick bliss

I am obsessed with exposing brick when designing interiors. It doesn’t matter if the environment is modern or traditional the earthy character and warmth it can bring to a space is unmatched. In essence exposing brick is like adding an accent wall or a wow factor into your design. It blends with any color scheme, instantly adds a cool factor to your space and you can hang whatever you want on it (how to hang; read here). Above this work space shows how brick can even work when incorporating alittle shabby chic vibe and pastel hues. Read more

Making It Yours/Home Office


Q. I have paneling in my home office and hate it. Any ideas how to cover it or make it look better? Jacqueline

A: There are three options; take it down, paint it or cover it so let’s explore each. If you take it down there is a possibility that the walls behind maybe be salvageable, this was the case in my family room and I was able to spackle, prime and paint. Depending on how the paneling was installed the sheetrock behind may need to be replaced which then becomes the most costly option.  You may want to remove a small section of paneling to determine if this is an option. Read more