Just Ask a Designer: How to Select Kitchen Cabinets

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One of my main reasons for creating Adore Your Place was to help our readers solve theirĀ design dilemmas, each week I answer hundreds of design questions and I just love being able to apply my years of experience as a professional to your projects. Today’s topic is a question that comes in almost every week and is the first decision you need to make when deciding to purchase new cabinets.

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6 Tips When Selecting Your Kitchen Cabinet Color


The first question people ask me when they are designing or renovating their kitchen is, what color cabinet should I select? Sounds like an easy question but actually there are several factors that need to be addressed so let’s jump right in my friends.

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Just Ask a Designer: Glass Cabinets


A design question that is consistently sent in from readers is one that I face often when designing kitchens; if I use glass cabinets is it a waste of valuable storage? Today I want to talk about the significance of glass cabinets in the kitchen and address some of the myths that surface when I “try” to incorporate glass into my clients kitchens.

Q. If I use glass cabinets in my kitchen where should I put them, what type of glass do you suggest using and what should I put in them? Anne Read more