6 Tips When Selecting Your Kitchen Cabinet Color


The first question people ask me when they are designing or renovating their kitchen is, what color cabinet should I select? Sounds like an easy question but actually there are several factors that need to be addressed so let’s jump right in my friends.

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Outdoor Kitchen LOVE


This season I am designing a couple of patio areas and one that will include a kitchen. This is so exciting because I just love designing kitchens and I have not had the opportunity to design an outdoor kitchen in a few years. Join me as I begin the design process with pertinent questions that I need answered before I begin designing.

The first question I ask my clients is, where are we putting the kitchen? Some options are under a covered patio or porch, on an open air patio or deck, in a pool house or in a structure adjacent to an outdoor entertaining area. The location impacts the decisions on finishes and products, and should be determined before purchases are made. Read more

The “Finishing” Touch: Current Trends in Finishes


Wow, Spring has sprung we had a record high in our Just Ask category for design project questions and dilemmas to solve this week, love it! After answering all of the questions I found a topic that was trending; what are the finishes being used in kitchens and should the faucet and hardware match? Let’s dive right in.

Q. I have been thinking about fixtures, lighting, hardware, etc and trying to decide what color to go with. I liked the Brushed Nickel but it seems like the oil rubbed Bronze is more popular now. I am not one to get caught in trends and I don’t plan on changing them for a very long time. What do you think is the more timeless choice? Shannon Read more

Ceiling Wow: Kitchens

aDesign Visions of Austin

The idea of creating a wow factor when designing a room can help bring purpose and definition to your design decisions. If you begin with a few wow factor pieces (lighting for example) or ideas (a fabulous ceiling) you can build your entire design from there. Read more

Interesting Island Options


This week the majority of questions that came in from Asia to the U.S. were about designing kitchens, there must be something in the air LOL. If you don’t already know we have an exciting category called Just Ask where you can send in your design dilemmas and project questions for real answers from a professional, me. It is truly my passion to help give you the tools and advice to design and complete your projects, so ask away.

Q.  I am re-doing my kitchen and I am not a fan of heavy looking, boxy islands. Can you suggest alternate ideas for an interesting island? Haylee Read more