How To Design a White Room


This seems like it would be an easy task, purchase everything white and toss it in a room but there is actually just as much planning that goes into a white room as a room full of color. Today I am sharing a few simple steps to my approach of designing in white and how to create the look so many of us adore, a fresh white room. Read more

Kitchen Island Lighting: Trend Alert


Every week I receive dozens of questions sent in from readers in Just Ask about kitchen lighting and this past week was no exception. The hot topic was trends for kitchen island lighting. Q. Can you tell me what the “in” thing is to put above my island and how many, thanks? Georgia Read more

The Lighter Side of Leather


A deign dilemma that I consistently face is how to design around an existing leather sofa or clients that love the durability of leather but are looking for a way to keep the room from looking too heavy. This past week I received several questions from readers looking for a fresh ideas to brighten up their rooms with leather furniture confirming what I have been experiencing with my clients so I decided it was time to share some ideas while answering our readers question  from Just Ask. Read more

Living Room Trends: Part 1


The living room as we know it has changed drastically since I was growing up. The biggest change is that we actually use it! Personally I love having a space to go hang out with my family where a flat screen doesn’t exist, although I have designed several flat screens in living rooms for my clients. Today we are talking about the latest trends that I am incorporating into my living room designs from multi-million dollar homes to cozy cottages these concepts can apply. Read more

Master Bedroom Trends: Part II


Designing dozens of master bedrooms for my clients, I have to stay ahead of the latest trends and I just love it. This week is my best friend Elaine’s Birthday and she has been wanting to re-do her bedroom for years. I started this series a few weeks ago with Master Bedroom Trends: Part I to help inspire her to get moving. She has fabulous taste like so many of my clients but just needs some motivation. That is where I happily come in. Read more

Color vs. Neutral: Bedrooms


This past week the questions kept pouring in (Just Ask) regarding color vs. neutrals and they mainly pertained to master bedrooms. A place where you can truly relax and recharge but what I have learned throughout all of these years designing interiors is that everyone’s idea of what a retreat is varies greatly. The main variation seems to be the use of bold colors or soft neutrals.

Read more

Open Plan Design Dilemma


Q. I am taking down the wall between my kitchen and dining room, should I keep a formal dining table or go more casual now? Leeanne

A. Let me start out by saying, I just love the open plan concept mainly because I believe it can increase the quality of your life through natural connections. These connections can be visual as well as interpersonal, the open plan creates opportunities to connect on many different levels. Now on to our readers question, consider the following items when deciding what the dining area should look and feel like. Read more

Wedding Design: Backyard Bliss


Spring is here and that means so is Wedding Season. I am not a wedding planner but have been helping my design clients for years with decisions about their weddings from color palettes and flowers to the overall decor of their wedding and even music! A professional interior designer and a professional wedding planner have so many similarities, we both start out by discovering what our clients overall style is and then we make that vision a reality, coordinating everything that must be done staying on time and on budget. Read more

High Alpine Ranch: Montana


A while back I was designing the interior of a home in the Adirondacks’s and found this image of a dining room by the talented Lisa Kanning to show my client how fabulous dark window trim can be in a lodge inspired vacation home. I became instantly obsessed with so many of the design details in this authentically Montana ranch that I had to share it with you today in our House Tour category. Read more

The “Finishing” Touch: Current Trends in Finishes


Wow, Spring has sprung we had a record high in our Just Ask category for design project questions and dilemmas to solve this week, love it! After answering all of the questions I found a topic that was trending; what are the finishes being used in kitchens and should the faucet and hardware match? Let’s dive right in.

Q. I have been thinking about fixtures, lighting, hardware, etc and trying to decide what color to go with. I liked the Brushed Nickel but it seems like the oil rubbed Bronze is more popular now. I am not one to get caught in trends and I don’t plan on changing them for a very long time. What do you think is the more timeless choice? Shannon Read more