How To Design a White Room


This seems like it would be an easy task, purchase everything white and toss it in a room but there is actually just as much planning that goes into a white room as a room full of color. Today I am sharing a few simple steps to my approach of designing in white and how to create the look so many of us adore, a fresh white room. Read more

Living Room Trends: Part 1


The living room as we know it has changed┬ádrastically┬ásince I was growing up. The biggest change is that we actually use it! Personally I love having a space to go hang out with my family where a flat screen doesn’t exist, although I have designed several flat screens in living rooms for my clients. Today we are talking about the latest trends that I am incorporating into my living room designs from┬ámulti-million dollar homes to cozy cottages these concepts can apply. Read more