Valentines Day Styling


Wrapping up the Week of Accessories I wanted to share some simple ways to style your home for a holiday. Today we’re talking about Valentines Day but these simple tips can be applied to just about any holiday. Here are some Tips for Holiday Decorating;

1. Remove and pack up the existing mantel accessories and various accessories around the house to make room for the holiday decor. Starting with a clean slate makes this task much easier. Jump out of that box, we create when decorating, take down those pictures that never get changed and replace with a fun DIY project like above, learn how here. Read more

For the Love of Vintage


When I was a little girl my Mom would give me a sweet little figurine for Valentines Day and St. Patrick’s Day. These little treasures were made by Lefton China and were inexpensive items to collect, several of my friends had them growing up as well. Above, this fab vintage collection from Old Glory Cottage is the epidemy of vintage Valentines Day from vintage handkerchiefs to decorated heart candy boxes and the figurines I loved collecting . Read more

Bare Mantel Blues


Most of us have  just about recovered from the holidays, made those final returns and put away those last boxes of decorations. Is your house looking bare after the glimmer of those fabulous lights has been packed away? A few readers asked if I had any ideas to spruce up their mantels, let’s explore some options.

Q. I need help with decorating ideas for my fireplace/mantel area. It looked great for the holidays, but is now bare. What are some simple & easy things I can do? Brigitt

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Ready, Set, Entertain: Thanksgiving


This time of year for interior designers is like tax season for accountants. I have several homes that need to be ready for Thanksgiving and even more clients that have installations and furniture deliveries before Christmas and Hanukkah. Although crazy busy, it is crazy fun and with the holidays just a few weeks away its time to take stock of what I need for entertaining, lets get started.

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Double The Fun


Wednesday is one of my favorite blog days because I get to answer design questions I receive from readers all day. I then choose the question I think most readers would be interested in and share my response with everyone. Being able to share design advice and solve design dilemmas is what I do best so if you are working on a project or need design advice don’t hesitate to ask; go to Just Ask and ask away!

Q. My living room is long and one seating arrangement in the center leaves odd open space on each side of it. Is it strange to have two seating areas and should they both match? Jillian T.

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Flat Screen Senarios

Hiding a TV in the Living Room

Q. How can I hide my flat screen in the formal living room? Lydia

A: This is a question I am faced with frequently on projects. The first step is to determine the layout of your furniture. This will determine the orientation of the sofa to the flat screen. I find most people want the sofa adjacent to the flat screen. At the same time you need to decide if you are good with having the flat screen over the mantle. Many of my clients do not want the flat screen over the fireplace because they feel it is too high up for viewing, it can take away from a beautiful mantel or they have a fabulous piece of art that they hoped would go over the mantel. Whatever the reason it is your choice and can work in other areas as well that would not be a focal point. Read more