Old Door Love


I posted the article about Gigi and her re-purposed doors just last evening and my email was flooded this morning with requests for ideas when re-purposing old doors. I am happy to share some of my favorites and also help you figure out where the creations will work best in your home. You can send in your design dilemmas and project questions in our Just Ask category. Old doors make wonderful tables and using shutters or pieces of an old door for the sides creates the perfect coffee table. You can find old doors just about anywhere from thrift stores and garage sales to architectural salvage shops and even curb side (junk- week is where I have found some of my best old doors). Read more

Laundry Room Lovin: 4 Easy Steps to Design your Dream


I have designed dozens of laundry rooms over the years using closet interiors to full size rooms and wanted to share some of my favorite ideas and feedback from my clients.What makes laundry rooms challenging to design is that most have limitations when it comes to their location. Even in new construction I have found that the laundry room becomes the left over space after the more significant mud room and powder room are space-planned. In most cases my clients call me in because they are looking to move their laundry area out of the basement and this is really where the fun begins. Read more